Zumba Dance

Zumba Dance

Need to inject a little fun into your exercise routine? Well, one of our Zumba classes will definitely do the trick.

Zumba is a mixture of many dance moves, covering everything from salsa to street dance, and is performed to both Latin and international music. Zumba isn't your average aerobics class, however – every session has a party-like atmosphere and although the dance is in set routines, if you can't keep in time or stay in line, freestyle moves are actively encouraged.

Though the mood may be relaxed, Zumba is still a serious way to improve overall fitness. High and low intensity intervals get the heart rate going and routines involving the arms, legs and glutes make for a thorough all-body workout. Through learning the dance routines, balance and coordination will also improve. With a Zumba class, the harder you work, the harder your muscles will, which is why our teachers will always encourage participants to sweat, sweat, sweat!

Your body is not the only thing that feels the benefits of Zumba either. The class’s fun, upbeat music will instantly raise your mood and boost your energy levels. You can increase the feel-good factor even more by inviting your friends along too. Why not dance, laugh and work up a sweat together?

Free Zumba dance classes are available at most of our gyms, with sessions running from 45 minutes to one hour. All of our free Zumba classes are taught by highly-trained, verified instructors. Looking for Zumba classes in London? Whether you're central or further out of the city, we offer many Zumba classes in London.

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