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In 1993, our first Fitness First club opened in Bournemouth in the south of England. Today we have clubs in 16 different countries, making us a leader in the global fitness industry.

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Sweet Deceits – why we love coconut oil Nutrition

Looking and feeling good is not just about what you do in the gym, but what you put in your body. We all enjoy a sweet treat from time to time so we’ve asked Sweet Deceits, who make great tasting, healthy desserts, about their use of natural ingredients – in particular their love for coconut […] Learn More
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Sweet Deceits – Cacao vs Cocoa Nutrition

Looking and feeling good is not just about what you do in the gym, but what you put in your body. We all enjoy a sweet treat now again but we also don’t want to compromise a healthy lifestyle, which is why we’ve teamed up with Sweet Deceits, who make great tasting, healthy desserts. Here, […] Learn More
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Are identical twins really identical? Lifestyle

They share the same genes and are the same age in years (give or take a few minutes), so how can a set of identical twins have a different biological age? It’s all down to lifestyle choices… Ever wondered whether all that hard work in the gym pays off? Or whether those occasional takeaways, trips […] Learn More
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Rowing Tips Fitness

Personal Training Ambassador Anthony worked with us as a Fitness Consultant for just over a year before transferring over to a Personal Trainer role six months later. He was then nominated to become a Fitness First Personal Training Ambassador. He also works with Focus Fitness UK, helping people start their careers as fitness instructors and […] Learn More
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Best time to exercise Fitness

The gym at the beginning of the year can be a busy place, what with regular gym-goers training alongside new members kicking off their new year health regimes. Instead of working out at peak times (7.30am-9am and 5.30pm-8pm), why not slot a sweat session into another part of your day? Choosing a quieter time to visit the […] Learn More
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How healthy is the future of fitness? Fitness

Over the past few years many new innovations have emerged in the world of fitness. Exercise-wise, CrossFit, HIIT and yogalates have become some of the trendiest ways to work out, and, technology-wise, apps (like MyFitnessPal, Charity Miles, and Zombies, Run!) and smart bodywear (like the Apple Watch, Nike Fuel Band and Fitbit) have made training […] Learn More
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Coming up as the beat drops Fitness

Every January we’re faced with the year’s most depressing day, Blue Monday. However, here at Fitness First we’re turning Blue Monday into ‘Red Monday’ and are encouraging you to sweat out the slump with a mood-boosting workout. We all know that exercise makes us feel happier and more relaxed (thanks to the endorphins released in […] Learn More
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Mix it up and break the monotony! Fitness

When it comes to exercise, one of the biggest challenges to good intentions is boredom. No matter how perfectly you’ve planned that special fitness routine, if your mind’s not fully engaged, progress can be tricky to maintain. But if you know what to look out for, you can head boredom off before it becomes a […] Learn More
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Best excuses for not exercising Fitness

If you really have to bail on a workout – at least be creative about it! We asked the Fitness First team for the most outrageous reasons they’ve ever heard for not exercising: ‘The family hamster passed away.’ – Paul Chipp, PT, London, UK ‘I can’t make today’s session because I have to pick up […] Learn More
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Constant cravings? Nutrition

Specific cravings are often our body’s way of telling us we’re lacking something – a trick for maintaining a healthy balance of nutrients and minerals. Trouble is, sometimes these cravings can get lost in translation. Is there something that would actually be more satisfying than that packet of salt and vinegar crisps? Here are three […] Learn More
HIIT your fitness targets
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HIIT your targets Fitness

Don’t be put off by the tricky name – High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is something any active person can do. What makes it such a brilliant tool for everyone to try is how quickly it can shape your body and take your fitness up to another level. It’s also one of the best ways […] Learn More
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Falling in love with running at the gym Fitness

We all enjoy fitness training outdoors when we get the chance, but there are actually many benefits to running in the gym, particularly now the winter evenings are drawing in. Gemma Price is a blogger, YouTuber, caffeine junkie, music lover, Vegan, foodie, workaholic, list maker and co-founder of We spoke to Gemma about why […] Learn More