Have you tried the new assault bike and Ski-Erg?

29.09.16 Fitness News

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Take your training to the next level with the ultimate HIIT workouts…

The assault bike

It has something for everyone, with unlimited cardio and calorie-burning workout options to help improve conditioning. The resistance increases automatically as you push, pull and pedal with greater force and speed. The greater the resistance, the greater your results.

50 calorie3-4 minsBurn 50 calories as quickly as possible for timeNone Assault Bike
Tabata4 mins20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest 8 times, score is the amount of calories burntNone Assault Bike
As many reps as possible10 mins3,6,9…Calories on the bike followed by burpees. 3 calories, 3 burpees, 6 calories, 6 burpees…Down ups instead of burpeesAssault Bike & BW
Consistency16 minsEvery 2 minutes complete 10/15 calories on the assault bike and 10 thrusters. Rest what ever time is left in the 2 minutes. Pick a partner who can do this with you every other minute.
-Assault Bike & Kettle Bell/ViPR/Barbell/Sandbell

The Ski-Erg

Whether you’re a seasoned skier, someone wanting an effective low impact workout, or just looking for an incredible total body workout, the Ski-Erg simulates Nordic skiing indoors. A fantastic choice to help you build strength, endurance and overall focus on your arms, legs and core.

500M row3-4 minsRow 500m as quick as possible.None Ski-Erg
For time6-8 minsRow 100m then perform 10 parrallette kick throughs, 4 rounds for time.-Ski-Erg & Parrallettes
As many reps as possible10 minsComplete 10 calories on the erg then 5 rainbow slams, 20 calories & 10 rainbow slams…. Each calorie and rainbow slam equals a rep each.
Weight Ski-Erg & Sandbell
5000M row18-25 minsPartner row 5000m as quick as possible, one person rows for 2 minutes then swaps with their partner.3000m Ski-Erg

Once you tried out the assault bike and Ski-Erg, give our new Sparc trainer a go too!

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