The Ultimate Fitness Guide

Ladder lateral two in, two out

This ladder drill is an excellent way to improve foot speed, agility, coordination and overall quickness. It is better to perform this drill after the warm-up as your muscles should be ready to ensure good movement and therefore reduce the risk of injury.

Step 1. Stand side-on to the ladder down one end.

Step 2. Jump your closest foot into the first rung of the ladder, followed by your second foot.

Step 3. As your second foot lands in the ladder, spring back up taking your other foot off the floor and land in the next rung along the ladder.

Step 4. As your other foot steps in to the same rung as your other foot, spring back up taking your first foot back off the floor. Continue moving down the ladder, springing from one foot to the next in and out each rung of the ladder, then change direction.

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