Run Wales is Welsh Athletics’ social running programme that aims to get the nation running. The programme has been developed to ‘inspire, encourage and support every adult in Wales to run’ – and to run more often.

Run Wales supports every individual from the avid runner to the beginner starting out on their journey.  The programme encourages people to come togerther to run, an to be able to do so in a safe and friendly environment.

With a varitety of running groups dotted across Wales, there is a social running group to suit everyone. There is no rule to the number of people that can be a part of a group and a group could be a; workplace running group, buggy running group, or just be a group of friends who love running together.  And if you can’t find a group in your area, we’ll support you to start one!

Run Wales groups are led by qualified run leaders trained and insured by Welsh Athletics, and we currently support over 80 running groups across Wales.