Need a little boost of energy? Can only find 3 min to get moving? We have you covered with our home challenge. Our experts have designed a really quick yet highly-efficient challenge to raise your heart rate and release those endorphins that are much needed at the moment! We have a little video, instructions and even a leader board for the most competitive of you!

• Complete as many repetitions as you can for each exercise. 
• Set yourself a timer with 3 x 1 minute alarms or notifications. 
• Start with your squats, at your first minute notification transition into lunges. 
• At your second notification, transition to burpees. 
• At the third notification rest. 
• Keep a cumulative score of all your repetitions! g. Squats 30, Lunges 36, Burpees 20 – Total Score – 86 and share your score with us below!

MINUTE 1 Squat Jump Squat
MINUTE 2 Alternate Lunge Jump Lunge
MINUTE 3 High Burpee Hand Release Burpee