Cardio Equipment

Whether you want increased energy or reduced stress, cardio training (otherwise known as cardiovascular or CV training) helps you live a fitter life while strengthening your heart and lungs. From interval workouts to endurance exercises, cardio training can also help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

We have a range of cardio equipment in our clubs including kit which you may be familiar with such as treadmills, cross trainers, and rowers, and some which you may not. Check out some of our latest innovative pieces of cardio equipment available in selected clubs to take your training to the next level. 


Assault Bike_FF_Shot 33_105_retouch.jpg

Assault Bike

It has something for everyone, with unlimited cardio and calorie-burning workout options to help improve conditioning.

The resistance increases automatically as you push, pull and pedal with greater force and speed. The greater the resistance, the greater your results.

Skierg_FF_Shot 32_057_retouch_FGT.jpg


Whether you’re a seasoned skier, someone wanting an effective low impact workout, or just looking for an incredible total body workout, the Ski-Erg simulates Nordic skiing indoors. A fantastic choice to help you build strength, endurance and overall focus on your arms, legs and core.

Sparc_FF_D2_Shot 22_012_lighter.jpg


Inspired by HIIT, the Sparc trainer offers maximum results in minimal time. Using an uphill running motion designed to help you lose fat, build muscle, gain strength, boost power and increase your metabolism, all while remaining gentle on your joints.

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