Dancefit Class

Let the music move you as you dance your way to a fitter you, suitable for all levels.

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Combine your passion for dancing with your drive for fitness, thanks to this energetic workout of fast-paced movements and steps.

At Fitness First, our Dance Aerobics class is a great calorie burning cardio circuit that will have you working up a sweat with some fiery dance moves. Sometimes known as a DanceFit class, this workout is a fun way to keep fit without you even noticing.

Whether you want to tone muscle, build your strength or simply improve your overall cardio fitness, this fast-paced and energetic circuit training provides a full-body workout You don’t need any dance experience to get involved either, as our classes are suitable for all levels.

If you’re interested in taking part in a DanceFit class, check if one is available at your local DW gym and give your muscles a workout in a fun, lively and stress-free environment.



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