Tim’s back with an AGT (Athletic Group Training) workout. AGT is designed around 5 key principles of athletic performance: speed, power, strength, endurance and agility. Moves are sharp and quick.

Home Workouts
AGT stands for Athletic Group Training - so moves should be as sharp and quick as possible!

Continuous work for 3 minutes, 30 seconds on each exercise with no rest in between!
Once completed give yourself as much rest as you need to put some really dynamic movement into your next set.
4 sets to complete in total!
2 Jumps Forward, 1 Jump Back 30 seconds
Wide to Narrow Push Up (on knees) 30 seconds
Cross Jack Forward & Back 30 seconds
Lateral Bound with High Knee Lift 30 seconds
Bear Crawl Forward & Back 30 seconds
Toe Tap High Knees 30 seconds

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