Mobility is so important for your everyday movements, your muscle health and to keep a constant flow of energy. Today’s featured workout is a full-body mobiliser with Natalie Brazier, our Group Exercise Product Manager.

Home Workouts
Whenever you feel a bit low on energy get up and move!

Suitable for all abilities aim for 8 repetitions of each exercise before moving on to the next.
Complete 4 full rounds to start increasing range of movement and feeling the benefits of whole body mobilisation.
Standing Spine Mobiliser Repeat x 8
Hindi Squat with Reach Repeat x 8 alternating arm reach
Wide Forward Fold with Hamstring Release Repeat x 8 bending through the knees
Seated 90/90 Hip Roll Repeat x 8
Cat Stretch to Child's Pose Repeat x 8
Wide Forward Fold with Upper Body Swing Repeat x 8

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