Dear Members, 

We are delighted to be welcoming you back to Fitness First clubs in Wales from 10 August.

We have been working hard behind the scenes so you can get back to enjoying the club facilities again. We’ve received a large number of positive comments about the experience in our gyms with the new measures in place.

As you know, our operating company Fitness First has been placed into administration but we intend to work with the administrators to ensure your club remains operational in the long term.

We want to use this communication to showcase exactly what’s happening on reopening. We hope it answers all of your questions.


We know from your feedback the main questions surround what can I expect as we re-open the gyms in Wales. Clearly there will need to be some interim changes but what will this reopening phase look like?

Well, our fitness teams are working hard to ensure we retain all of the elements we know are key to our members, namely: -

Convenient, flexible opening hours to support your needs; initially we will be opening Fitness First from 7am-8pm Mon to Fri and 8am-4pm Sat and Sun.

A great spectrum of group exercise classes, available from Wednesday 12 August - with all of the classes we know you love. To support the new cleanliness standards and social distancing there will be a slightly reduced timetable to allow time for cleaning of equipment between classes as well as a capacity reduction in some classes. Details will be made available on the Core App and on the club web pages.

Our full range of state-of-the-art equipment where possible - again to support social distancing we may be forced to put some elements of kit out of use to support the necessary regulatory recommendations but we are confident this will not affect your fitness experience.

Our fantastic team of personal trainers - sessions will be available immediately with your favourite trainers.

A full weekly virtual class timetable – such has been the fantastic response to our on-demand digital classes, we will continue to support your training outside of the gym.

Swimming pools –all of the necessary cleaning and hygiene work has been completed and we are ready for opening. 

In Wales, changing rooms, lockers and showers will be open and available for use. We're asking members to only use these facilities if they really need to - this will help us maintain social distancing.

What will be missing for Day 1? As has been widely reported across the media, saunas, steam rooms and spas will be closed temporarily as per government guidelines.

What will you be doing first when you get back to the gym? Get in touch via our social channels to let us know if you’ll be pounding the treadmill, slamming sandbags or stretching out in a studio.

Whatever your active, we’re here to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Here's another reason to get back to your favourite type of training in the gym as soon as possible.
For those members who come back for our reopening, there's no need to pay for the 11 days following 10 August. 

• It feels a long time ago now but because we closed our sites midway through March (20/03/2020), we’re making up for it by giving you the first 11 days for free when we reopen.

• For those members who paid up front, we will extend your memberships by the period of time that we have been closed for (142 days).

• We're so grateful to all our members for your loyalty throughout the closure period and we really appreciate you supporting your community gym operator and teams.


What do I need to do now?

We will handle it all for you. In the same way we automatically provided a free freeze of all memberships at the start of this lockdown, we will take all of the hassle away to get you back in the gym.

• For those customers who want to come back, we will automatically unfreeze your accounts.

• As we stated, you don’t need to pay for the first 11 days back. We will take a reduced one-off direct debit on 21 August for the period of 21-31 August.

• Going forward, linked to our all-new flexible membership model, we have adjusted our direct debit dates to the last working day of the previous month – so your September payment will be taken on 28 August and subsequent payments on the last working day of each month.


I am not ready to come back yet - can I remain on freeze?

The answer is yes and we have introduced a brand new ‘MY MEMBERSHIP’ functionality on to the website to allow our direct debit customers to manage this process on-line.

• If your circumstances mean you can’t return to the gym or you don’t feel comfortable doing so, you can ensure your membership will remain frozen for the time being.

• The process to initiate a freeze on your account is normally £5 but we do appreciate that there may be some mitigating circumstances – see online for details.

• Your Fitness First membership will be much easier to manage going forward. No need for a call or email, just go to the members’ section of our website. If you’re having problems, just request a password reset.

• On the website, there will be full detail of how to action this continuing of your freeze status. Click below to access the MY MEMBERSHIP area and set up your account.

• Please note members have until Monday 17 August to activate this freeze request to ensure they do not pay for the remainder of August.



I have tried to contact your call centre during lockdown but no answer.

We are sorry. As we are sure you appreciate in these unprecedented times it has been necessary to employ only a minimal staffing level until we properly open the business.

Following the Government's directive to keep our nation safe and slow the spread of coronavirus, we are working with a reduced customer service team and are temporarily unable to operate our telephone lines.

Please refer to our 
FAQs or in the My Membership section. Our new self-service My Membership portal has easy to follow step-by-step procedures on how to manage your membership.


We have received great feedback around the FAQs area of our website that we introduced as we went into lockdown and it is our intention to offer the same as we open up again.

Head to our website for a full run-down of frequently asked questions, which we hope will answer any questions you have about reopening and your membership, of which we will continue to update.



Our final advice to create a seamless and contactless entrance into our clubs is to ensure everyone downloads the Core app on your phone.

Not only does this provide you with contactless entry but it also has lots of great features to improve your fitness journey. And it also allows us to comply with government track and trace guidelines.

The wait is almost over – we know it has been difficult for everyone but we are doing everything we can to ensure we provide the best possible fitness experience in these unprecedented times.

Thank you so much for your understanding during the closure period. The team can’t wait to see you back in the club.


See you soon!
Fitness First 

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