How to choose the right fitness holiday for you

October 31 2016

So you’ve finally decided to make the most of your time off and achieve your goals on a fitness holiday, but the next dilemma is choosing the right one. From group bootcamps to personal training sessions, there’s almost too much choice on offer. To help you decide, we’ve teamed up with Health and Fitness Travel, the leading experts in healthy holidays worldwide, who have broken things down a little for us. 

Bootcamp fitness

What to expect: Designed with the added support and motivation of a group setting, a bootcamp fitness holiday is a great option for those wanting to work hard and feel the burn to achieve their fitness goals. Offering a variety of high-intensity activities, such as running, circuit training and even weight training, a bootcamp fitness holiday can help kickstart your weight loss and improve your cardiovascular health.

Where to go: Greece – Wildfitness Crete

Give your body a thorough fitness boost on a beach bootcamp at Wildfitness Crete where there’ll be no shortage of inspiration to help you reach your goals. Wildfitness offers a wide range of activities to choose from to improve your metabolism, from kettlebell sessions to boxing to mini beach triathlons. You can even learn how to adopt an all-round healthier lifestyle with cooking lessons, metabolism workshops and nutrition talks.

Personal training fitness

What to expect: Go for the one-on-one experience with a personal training fitness holiday and reap the benefits of private sessions tailored to your individual needs. Be inspired with a programme jam-packed with fun physical exercises; from runs on the beach to resistance training, your personal trainer will push you to the max.

Where to go: Portugal – Epic Sana Fusion Fitness™

Here you can tailor-make your own fitness journey on an active holiday where you can choose from an extensive list of private training sessions, such as circuit training or cardio tennis. And you can follow your active workouts with wellness activities – such as yoga and a choice of spa treatments – to soothe your well-worked muscles.

Fitness & detox

What to expect: Combine fitness activities with a cleansing detox diet to reboot your system and kickstart your weight loss. Sculpt your body with TRX training and hiking, and refuel your body with clean-eating fresh fruits and vegetables to help flush out toxins.

Where to go: Thailand – Phuket Cleanse Detox & Fitness

If you’re searching for an invigorating fitness and detox holiday, Phuket Cleanse in Thailand will deliver. A combination of nutrition lectures, raw vegan cuisine and detoxifying juices will take care of the cleansing while a wide selection of activities like kickboxing, Muay Thai or TRX will help the fitness side.

Adventure fitness

What to expect: Satisfy your thirst for adventure and boost your fitness at the same time with adrenaline pumping activities, such as mountain biking, trekking and paragliding.

Where to go: Oman – Zighy Bay Sense of Adventure

Connect with your inner adrenaline junkie on a fitness adventure holiday guaranteed in Oman to fulfil your thrill-seeking wanderlust. Focus on your fitness via hiking, kayaking or paragliding and soothe any sore muscles afterwards with a relaxing spa treatment.

Sports fitness

What to expect: Increase your stamina whilst improving your sporting technique on a healthy holiday that focuses on your favourite sporting activity. Whether it's tennis or triathlons that you love, spend your days taking private lessons that will benefit your fitness while honing your skills at the same time.

Where to go: Thailand – Thanyapura Triathlon

A great holiday for budding Triathletes, Thanyapura Triathlon offers a range of triathlon training activities, including running, swimming and cycling. Get in the zone mentally with private mind training sessions to motivate yourself for your triathlon training. Soothe your muscles after training with ice baths and sports massages to restore energy levels and prevent aching.

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