The 6 Best Fitness Bloggers to Follow on Instagram Right Now

September 10 2018

Love it or hate it, Instagram sometimes gets a bad rep. It’s probably the social media platform that’s most criticised for leading the Millennial charge of food photos, selfies and product promotions.

But what some people don’t know is that Instagram is leading a fitness revolution. It’s become the place where avid gym-goers can find new workout ideas, diet plans and inspiration to go bigger and bolder.

We’ve picked out our 6 favourite Instagram experts that you should be following right now. From elite personal trainers and editors of global fitness publications to pioneers in changing how we think about body image, there’s plenty to fill your feed with fitness gold.

1. Amy Hopkinson

Profile: @wellness_ed

Followers: 45k

Best for: Workout ideas, healthy eating tips, cool shots of London

Amy Hopkinson isn’t just an Instagram star. While she helps her thousands of followers keep fit and stay motivated, she’s also the Digital Editor for Women’s Health, so she really knows her stuff.

Amy’s feed is full of intense workout ideas, pics of her donning stylish new activewear, and recommendations for some of the hottest new healthy-eating places in London.

The best part is that Amy doesn’t take herself seriously. If you want proof, check out her boyfriend’s parody account, ‘Wellness Ted’.


2. Curtis Williams

Profile: @curtiswilliams17

Followers: 45k

Best for: Imaginative new workout routines, motivational quotes

Former Baltimore Ravens star Curtis Williams may have retired from the pitch, but if his Instagram account is anything to go off, he’s been putting all of that energy into the gym.

Now, the New York-based personal trainer of celebrities like Ne-Yo has a strong Instagram following that try to keep up with his intense fitness regime.

Thankfully, Curtis is a motivator as much as he is a trainer, so his feed always has a pick-me-up for those days when the struggle is real.


3. Emily Skye

Profile: @emilyskyefit

Followers: 2.4m

Best for: Before and after photos, pregnancy-friendly fitness tips

F.I.T. program founder Emily Skye shares plenty of inspirational photos about her pregnancy, with some pretty astounding before and after photos. Her popularity is a testament to her positive attitude towards fitness, a product of her battle with a negative body image in her teens.

Emily’s feed is filled with motivational posts and pregnancy-friendly fitness tips. Oh, and there are plenty of cute pictures of her with her baby daughter Mia, too.


4. Kenneth Gallarzo

Profile: @progressive_calisthenics

Followers: 424k

Best for: Bodyweight training ideas, impressive gymnastics videos

Fitness coach Kenneth Gallarzo’s feed is chock-full of superhuman feats of strength and balance. He’s an expert in callisthenics, exercises that focus on slow, controlled gymnastic movements to increase strength and fitness.

He’s so good, in fact, that he’s the Vice President of the World Calisthenics Organisation. You can catch him doing handstand press-ups and swinging around balance bars on the Progressive Calisthenics feed.


5. Abby Carpenter

Profile: @gains4girls

Followers: 98k

Best for: Healthy recipe ideas, workout inspiration, championing women’s fitness

London-based personal trainer and bikini competitor Abbey Carpenter runs a fantastic Instagram account with her best friend. Her posts are all geared around helping inspire other women to fall in love with fitness and will remind you of the importance of friendships along your fitness journey.

We recently sent Abby to Paris to celebrate the launch of Reebok Women’s Puremove Sports Bra, but when she’s not globetrotting, you’ll find her sharing some delicious recipes, striking a strong pose or sharing some inspiration for her loyal following.

6. Jessamyn Stanley

Profile: @mynameisjessamyn

Followers: 367k

Best for: Body positivity, yoga tips, motivation

If you’re tired of scrolling through a seemingly endless stream of impossibly toned gym junkies, Jessamyn’s feed is a breath of fresh air.

Jessamyn is a keen yogi who uses her weight as a way to help others see that yoga should be for everyone. She encourages her followers to ask, “How do I feel?” rather than “How do I look?”

Jessamyn’s feed is a wonderful mix of high-energy vinyasa techniques, body-positive posing and plenty of big smiles. It’s the perfect place to go for a pick-me-up.

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