Spinning Classes

Spinning Classes

Working up a sweat in spin class is an incredible low-impact way to burn calories and tone muscle.

Reap the benefits of cycling miles without having to leave the gym at one of Fitness First's spinning classes. Sure, each and every one of our spin classes is hard work, however they're also great fun, motivating and utterly mood-boosting. Don't believe us? Come join us for a spin class and see for yourself.

 Great for shedding calories, improving your cardio ability, increasing your stamina, and also toning your legs, glutes and core, spinning classes, which are surprisingly low-impact on the knees and ankles, are extremely for effective for building a leaner body overall.

 At our spin classes, steady-paced intervals are broken up by high intensity incline stints, which really get your heart rate racing. If you're a newbie to spin and are concerned you won't keep up with the pace, worry not. Each class is as hard as you make it – if you can't match the speed or intensity of the class, you can stick to a level that you feel comfortable with. There's no pressure! That said, the strong sense of team spirit and our enthusiastic teachers make for a positive and motivating atmosphere, which will have you pushing yourself to your limits from start to finish.

 It's not just the body that benefits from spinning classes either. The release of feel-good endorphins as you pedal along to the biggest and best party tunes will bust any stress and leave you feeling totally uplifted.

 Nearly all of our Fitness First gyms offer regular spin classes, which run from 30 to 45 minutes. All of our classes are taught by expert fitness trainers and all equipment is provided. Come and try one of our spin classes for free today.


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