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Bradley Simmonds’ all-over body workout

Bored of your regular routine? Mix up your normal exercise regime and give Bradley Simmonds‘ all-body workout a go. A professional footballer-turned personal trainer, Bradley trains some of the world’s top sportsmen and celebrities. Bradley also regularly trains at Fitness First gyms, and has partnered with us to […] Read More >


Five really simple protein-rich recipes

After a long, hard sweat at the gym, it’s essential to refuel your body and repair your muscles with a good source of protein. If you’ve worked out in between mealtimes, opt for a tasty protein-heavy snack, but if you’ve trained just before one of […] Read More >


Improve your relationship with exercise

Last month we teamed up with behavioural scientist Dr Anna Machin, who’s also chief matchmaker on Channel 4’s ‘Married At First Sight’. We set Anna the task of answering your questions on exercise, your relationship with it, and how you can better motivate yourself to […] Read More >


Clean Eating Alice’s motivational tips

Passionate about all things food and fitness, Alice Liveing – or ‘Clean Eating Alice’ as she’s more popularly known – is a personal trainer (Level 3 REPs accredited) and author of two bestselling book ‘The Body Bible’ and ‘Eat Well Every Day’. Alice regularly trains at Fitness […] Read More >


Bradley Simmonds’ motivational tips

Bradley Simmonds is a professional footballer-turned personal trainer, who blogs about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. Bradley trains some of the world’s top sportsmen and celebrities. Bradley regularly trains at Fitness First gyms and has partnered with us to promote fitness and nutrition as a combination for improving overall wellbeing. […] Read More >


Zanna Van Dijk’s motivational tips

Zanna Van Dijk is a personal trainer and global Adidas ambassador, who blogs about topics including fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and travel. Zanna is passionate about women’s empowerment and is an advocate for positive body image. Zanna also regularly trains at Fitness First gyms and has partnered […] Read More >

Off to Rio

Team GB

‘I Am Team GB’ event highlights

On Saturday (Saturday August 27th), as a nation we welcomed home to the incredible athletes who made up Team GB, who achieved incredible, and in some cases unexpected, success in Rio this August. In celebration of the team’s many triumphs multiple events took place across […] Read More >



Five tips for successful meal prep

Founded by three friends on a mission to make healthy eating easy, Mindful Chef is a UK-based recipe box delivery service. Here, co-founder Myles Hopper, who’s also personal trainer and nutritional coach, shares his top tips on how to make meal preparation and batch cooking […] Learn More >