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4 reasons why you should work out in water

April 06 2022 6 min read

Think working out in water is exclusively for senior citizens? Think again! Working out in water may just be the ideal way to refresh your fitness routine.

People often forget the swimming pool when they consider new ways to spice up their gym sessions, but working out in water has multiple benefits for people of all ages and abilities. Gone are the days where swimming countless lengths of breaststroke is your only pool plan. The humble swimming pool is having a renaissance and Fitness First Clubs is at the forefront of it.

To really understand the benefits that exercising in water can have, imagine trying to run in a swimming pool - most likely you’ll find that it is much harder than running normally due to the resistance caused by the water. As there is a greater amount of resistance when moving through water compared to air, exercising while submerged is like having weights around your body, creating a much more challenging and rewarding workout.


Your entire body is put through its paces during a typical pool session due to the added resistance of water.

Working out in water can help to strengthen your muscles, improve flexibility and develop stronger cardiovascular ability. The level of physical exertion depends on the stroke or activity that you do in water, Aqua Aerobics and swimming strokes such as front crawl are the top water cardiovascular activities guaranteed to get your muscles working and your heart pumping. However, less intensive strokes, such as sidestroke, can achieve a decent full-body workout too.


Hitting the gym everyday can become mundane if you rarely alternate your routine. When we complete the same physical activity for a certain period of time, our bodies naturally settle into a routine which means we stop progressing and eventually plateau.

Working out in water is completely different to any other physical activity that you do at the gym, which means it will ensure that your body remains responsive. Its uniqueness will motivate you to stick to your fitness plan, as water exercise is a fun way to train without it being too strenuous or dull.


If you lift weights as part of your gym routine you’ll know how frustrating it can be when you have to have a few inactive days resting in order for your muscles to recover, reducing the risk of you suffering an injury.

While it is essential that you do not lift any weights or put yourself under too much stress in order to let your muscles repair, light exercise can provide you with enough physical activity to keep you going without being harmful to your body. Being in water allows you to eliminate a large proportion of your body weight in virtually zero-gravity conditions, making it much easier to perform moves that may be more physically challenging if you were on dry land. The buoyancy of water also makes it a fantastic option for anyone suffering from an injury, as it allows you to achieve a full workout without subjecting your muscles to any harm and protects you from falling and hurting yourself.


For hundreds of years, water has been used to calm and relax people. Often when we feel stressed, our natural desire is to want to take a long bath or shower, or imagine we are swimming in a tranquil blue ocean.

Working out in water can provide cathartic comfort when we feel stressed, there is nothing better than imagining plunging into a deep pool after a tiring day. You can float, play and jump in water, making it a fun and enjoyable activity. As it is also a solid form of cardiovascular activity, your body will release chemicals in the brain that make you feel happier which also helps to reduce stress.

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