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Whether you want to get leaner, stronger, faster, or just have fun while working out, we have something for everyone with our group Fitness Classes. There are 55 classes for you to try out across five different categories, including Cardio, Strength, Cycle, Mind and Body, and Fight

Our exercise classes are designed with your training in mind, incorporating the latest fitness trends so you can have fun whilst working out with like-minded members!

And, of course, our team of expert instructors are dedicated to creating a fun and supportive community, motivating you to reach your fitness goals.

Our 5 Areas

Our classes are designed with your training in mind incorporating the latest fitness trends so you can have fun whilst working out with like-minded members!


Cardio (11 classes)

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Strength (11 classes)

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Cycle (3 classes)

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Mind and Body (10 classes)

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Fight (6 classes)

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Fitness First x HYROX

Experience HYROX at Fitness First, designed as the 'Fitness Race for Every Body,' may be accessible to all, but it's still a demanding race that demands strength, endurance, and precise movement. Picture this: treadmill interval running, interspersed with 8 dynamic functional exercises.

 It's a test of your body's limits, pushing your natural movement skills to the max. Our class is your dedicated training ground to master all 8 essential HYROX movements, ensuring you're both effective and injury-free when competing.

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Five areas of fitness 

Our fitness classes are grouped into five areas to help you achieve your fitness goals in a way that works for you. Whether you're looking to improve overall fitness, build strength and muscle, or train your mind and body, we have a range of classes to suit all levels and preferences. 


For a challenging and high-energy workout which helps to improve your cardiovascular fitness and endurance, our Cardio classes are a perfect choice. These classes are designed to elevate your heart rate, helping you to burn calories and improve your overall fitness. 

One of our most popular cardio classes is HIIT (high-intensity interval training). It involves periods of intense exercise with rests in between — excellent for taking your fitness and fat loss goals to the next level! 


Strength classes are all about getting strong and building those muscles. You’ll use all sorts of equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, and even your own body weight to perform exercises like squats and pushups. 

And don’t worry if you’re new to this — our Strength classes are open to all fitness levels, and our instructors will help you perfect your technique and form. 

Discover popular classes like SHRED, which combines lifting with HIIT training to burn calories and build muscle and, Glute Gains, a session focused on controlled movements that engage your lower body muscles and core!


Our group Cycle classes are designed to get your heart pumping and improve your overall fitness and endurance. 

Our Spin class is one of our most popular — a high-intensity, low-impact workout using indoor stationary bikes. You’re sure to work up a sweat! 

Or, get ready for Rhyde, a workout that trains your mind and body with a dance-inspired cycle class. It combines cycling with upper body conditioning and mindfulness to create a fun and immersive experience!

Mind & Body

Improve both your mental and physical well-being with Mind and Body classes at Fitness First. Classes like Pilates and Yoga are a great way to increase your flexibility and overall strength while helping to reduce stress and anxiety.


Our Fight classes are an excellent way to improve your strength, agility and endurance. These stress-busting sessions are a popular choice for those wanting to break a sweat and learn something new. 

Choose from different classes, including Boxercise — a session based on boxer training methods — which involves hitting focus pads. Or, learn various martial arts techniques, moves, kicks, and twists with our Self Defense sessions. 

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