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60 minutes

700 (estimated)

Fitness First x HYROX is your ticket to conquering the ultimate fitness challenge. HYROX, designed as the 'Fitness Race for Every Body,' may be accessible to all, but it's still a demanding race that demands strength, endurance, and precise movement. Picture this: treadmill interval running, interspersed with 8 dynamic functional exercises. It's a test of your body's limits, pushing your natural movement skills to the max. Our class is your dedicated training ground to master all 8 essential HYROX movements, ensuring you're both effective and injury-free when competing.

HYROX classes are exclusively offered at Fitness First locations in: 

  • Baker Street
  • Basingstoke
  • Bishopsgate
  • Hammersmith
  • Thomas More Square
  • Queen Victoria Street

What to expect from the class

  • Running
  • Ski Erg
  • Sled Push
  • Sled Pull
  • Burpee Broad Jumps
  • Rowing
  • Farmers Carry
  • Sandbag Lunges
  • Wall Balls

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Fitness First x HYROX

Our range of classes will inspire you to explore new training styles and techniques, while keeping you motivated with other like-minded members. We have a wide choice of classes that are a great complement to any training programme.

See our class timetable for details. Here at Fitness First, we believe that exercising should be a fun, motivating and engaging experience that makes you keep coming back for more.

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