Membership Terms and Conditions

Becoming a Member and Payments

1. The start-up payments, the membership plan and the associated upfront lump sum or monthly direct debit membership fees, initial minimum term and payment dates you have chosen are set out on before and after the payment is processed (the initial minimum term is the first period of membership). An email confirmation summarising these elements will also be sent to the registered email address on your account.

2. Our memberships are available for an initial minimum term of 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. These membership lengths may not be available in all our Clubs, please check our website for more information. 

3. At joining, members can select a membership plan that includes an early termination option after 1 month. This option is available at a small premium and is reflected in the price of the membership plan.

4. Memberships can be paid either upfront by lump sum or by monthly direct debit. If you choose to pay your membership monthly by direct debit, there will be an additional charge (1) which will mean the total amount payable for your membership will be greater than if you choose to pay as a lump sum upfront.

5. ​Members who elect to take the 12-month upfront lump sum plan, where available, will be entitled to 2 months’ free membership in the absence of finance charges i.e., the membership period will cover 14 months. Members who elect to take the 6 months upfront lump sum plan will be entitled to 1 month’s free membership i.e., membership period will cover 7 months. ​

6. For members who joined at any date up to June 30, 2020, your monthly membership fees will be collected in advance on the last working day of the preceding month (for example your membership fee for August will be collected on the last working day of July).​

7. For members who join on or after July 1, 2020 and are paying via Direct debit, your first direct debit payment will be collected 10 days after joining and will include your start-up fee and first month’s membership fees combined. Your second and recurring direct debit for the duration of your membership will be collected monthly on the date you joined. (For example, if you join on 10 March, your direct debit for your start-up fee and first month’s membership fees will be collected on 20 March. Your second direct debit will be collected on 10 April and the 10th of each month thereafter.)​

8. If you are paying by direct debit and you fall behind with your membership fees and this is not caused by a bank error, we may charge reasonable administration fees or suspend or cancel your membership. We may pass your details to a debt collection company to recover any outstanding payments.​

9. We may decide to increase our membership fees, but your fees will not increase in your initial minimum term of membership (unless you do not provide ID for a membership type that requires it, for example a student membership). We will give you a minimum of 14 days' notice of any fee change. If you pay your membership fees up front as a lump sum payment, we will only review your membership fees when your membership is due for renewal.​

Club Access and Tiers

10. We have several club tiers (tier 1 being the highest). The clubs you can use depends on the tier of membership you have chosen. If you have multi-club membership, you can use the clubs within your membership tier and in any tier below. If you have single-club membership, you can only use your home club. Clubs may change tier over time, but you can see a full up-to-date list of all our clubs and their tiers on our website. Before joining, please make sure you are aware of all the membership options and which club (or clubs) your membership allows you to use, including club tiers and access times.

11. You must join the club you will use most often (your home club). If, over a two-month period, you use another club more than your home club, we have the right to transfer your membership to the club you use most often, and this may affect your membership fees.

12. Once a member, you will need to download our Fitness First APP to access the check in functionality and the class booking system.

13. You must swipe in at each visit by scanning your unique identifier via the barcode available through the Fitness First APP.

Hybrid Membership

• In a selection of clubs, we offer a hybrid membership whereby you get 20% off our standard rate granting you access to your home club 6 times per calendar month.   

• 3-month contract min. Home Club access only. Cancel any time after that with a calendar month notice.  

• No limitations on visit patterns – use them all in one week or as you wish during a calendar month.

• Visits that are unused in any given calendar month expire and are non-refundable .

• If you attend your club more than 6 times in a month then you will automatically be moved up to the standard 12m rate on the following Direct Debit. We’ll give you 10 working days’ notice via email.  

• You’ll stay on the standard rate until the end of your term unless you request to resume the Hybrid membership at  

• Members joining on the Hybrid membership still benefit from our 10 day cooling off period.

• The hybrid membership gives you the same benefits as our regular membership: 1 x 30-min intro session (bookable on the app or in club), full access to our App, FFX On Demand, classes as per your home club timetable, home club or virtual PT sessions (at an additional cost).  

Pay As You Go Membership

• In a selection of clubs, we offer 5- and 10-session packs allowing you to enjoy our Clubs on a pay as you go basis.

• Packs will give you access to all clubs and all facilities in the tier of your home club and below that are included in this offer as per the following:

Tier 1: Bishopsgate

Tier 2: Fenchurch Street, Gracechurch Street, Queen Victoria Street, Liverpool Street

Tier 3: Fetter Lane, High Holborn, The Strand, London Bridge, Waldorf

• Packs expiry - from the date of purchase, the 5-pack is valid for 2 months and the 10-pack is valid for 4 months

• Packs validity can’t be extended

• Unused sessions will not be refunded

• We may withdraw this offer at any time. Existing sessions that are still valid will be honoured.

• 10 days colling off period doesn’t apply to the 5- or 10-session packs

Products and Services

14. Personal trainers (PTs) at our clubs are self-employed and any service they provide or any other third party provides is a contract between them and you. We will not be liable for, or responsible for any monies paid to a PT or other third party. PT and other third-party services are arranged directly with the trainer or third party and not with us.

15. We provide our members with a digital solution, the FFX PT App, that allows you to discover the profiles and expertise of our Personal Trainers, buy single sessions or packages and book your sessions directly in the APP.  

The validity of those Personal Training session packs is limited and are defined by our self-employed Personal Trainers, please check with them in Club to ensure you’re aware of the validity of those packs.  

The prices, availabilities and ability to have physical or virtual personal training sessions are dictated by the Personal Trainers themselves, as self-employed.  

Any sessions purchased digitally with a personal trainer via the FFX app can be booked 3 hours after the purchase at the earliest. Purpose of this is to give the personal trainer the necessary time to prepare for the session 

16. Discounted Personal Training sessions 

16.1 At point of joining or during a promotional offer, members can purchase a two pack or five pack of personal training sessions at a discounted price.  

16.2 Included as part of the two pack or five pack of Personal Training sessions at a discounted price 

PT session two pack –   

- Two 60-minute sessions with a Personal Trainer 

- Two Fitness First Guest Passes (1 guest pass per person) 

- One personalised workout programme.  

PT session five pack -  

- Five 60-minute sessions with a Personal Trainer 

- Five Fitness First Guest Passes (1 guest pass per person) 

- One personalised workout programme. 

16.3 Terms and Conditions 

a) As part of the two pack and five pack of personal training sessions, members will also receive an additional 30-minute complimentary FFX Introduction session  

b) All personal training sessions at a discounted price will be delivered by a Fitness First Personal trainer. 

c) Any discounted personal training sessions can only be booked with a trainer 3 hours after the purchase. Purpose of this is to give the personal trainer the necessary time to prepare for the session 

d) All discounted personal training sessions must be booked by way of the FFX PT app 

e) Session credits will be displayed on the FFX PT app and members must scan in when attending any personal training sessions 

f) Should they wish, members will have the option to book any discounted sessions with multiple trainers, 

g) The prices for any further personal training sessions above and beyond the two or five pack will be agreed directly by a Fitness First personal trainer  

h) Personalised workout programmes will consist of a basic workout that suits the fitness level and goals of the member 

i) Any Guest Passes purchased as part of the two pack or five pack will be delivered to the member by way of a specific link in the confirmation email after you’ve purchased the discounted 2 or 5 Personal Training session packs. Please follow the instructions on the page to share the guest pass with your friends. Once complete your friend will receive a confirmation email with a unique bar code, giving them access to the Club at the time chosen. 

j) The validity of the two pack or five pack of personal training sessions is as follows 

   l. Two pack – Valid for 3 months from date of purchase 

   ll. Five Pack – Valid for 6 months from date of purchase  

17. Class bookings

- You can book classes in advance via our APP 

- Out of respect for the waiting list members and to allow our staff to plan for occupancy in the best way, we kindly ask you to cancel up to 24-hour before any booked class  

- We may disable your access to the booking class system if we deem that you’re booking and not attending at a high frequency  

Freeze your Membership

18. If you need to take a temporary break from your membership for any reason you can freeze from month 2 of your membership. You can freeze your membership for 1 month at a time. You will retain access to our FFX App, with full access to FFX On Demand, to support you on your fitness journey while you can’t access our Clubs. This will be charged £8 per month. Freezes align with your monthly membership payment date, or join date for lump sum payers, and you need to request the freeze at least 5 working days before your monthly direct debit is due. (For example, if your monthly direct debit is collected on the 10th of each month, you must request to freeze 5 working days before this date for the freeze to be processed.)

19. You may be able to freeze your membership free of charge for medical, relocation or other legitimate reasons that would prevent you from using our Clubs. A free freeze can be applied, for between 1 and 6 calendar months, as long as you provide us with recently dated acceptable evidence to cover you for the rest of the requested freeze period.

20. If you freeze your membership within your initial minimum term, these ‘frozen months’ do not count towards your initial minimum term. We may decide to increase the fee for freezing your membership.

21. You can request to freeze your membership by completing the freeze request details in the ‘My Membership’ section of the website. We will send you confirmation by email once we have processed your freeze. Please tell us if you do not receive this.

22. If you decide to cancel your membership whilst on freeze, the cancellation fees will still apply.

Digital Membership

23. We also offer a Digital membership for members who can’t get to our Clubs, allowing you to retain usage of our Fitness First App, with limited functionality. This membership provides full access to FFX On Demand online and Virtual Personal Training (at additional cost) to support you on your fitness journey.

24. When downgrading or freezing your membership, you’ll be placed on a digital membership only and won’t be able to access our clubs.

25. The Digital membership is a rolling contract and will be charged £8 monthly. If you wish to cancel your digital membership and either upgrade to a full membership or cancel your membership all together, you can do so via your Member area on our website.

26. You can cancel your digital membership at any point by giving us 1 month notice.

27. The months you’ve chosen to downgrade to the digital membership while still in-contract will not count towards your minimum term and any full months remaining as part of your contract will be due. If you decide to cancel before the end of your min term, then the cancellation fees will apply. (see point above)

Cancel your Membership

28. You can request to cancel your membership and give us notice by completing the cancellation request details in the ‘My Membership’ section of the website. We will send you confirmation by email once we have processed your cancellation. Please tell us if you do not receive this.

29. You are responsible for cancelling your direct debit after we have processed your cancellation and any payments relating to notice periods have been taken. We are entitled to keep any membership fees we receive if you have not cancelled your direct debit instruction with your bank and you have not given us the correct notice to cancel. (There is more information at

30. You can cancel your membership for any reason within 10 days of joining. You will not be charged for any usage during this period. Please contact Membership Services directly to request this.

31. If you pay your membership fees monthly by direct debit, you can cease your membership at, or to coincide with, the end of your initial minimum term.  If you wish to renew into a new membership with no change of plan type, you need do nothing more, your payments under your new membership will continue for the same term and will be collected by direct debit.  If you renew your membership using the monthly payment plan, you can end your new membership prior to the new expiry date by giving us one full month’s calendar notice, the shorter notice being a no cost loyalty reward upon renewal.  Depending on your direct debit collection date, this may require you to pay for the period of usage between your direct debit date and your cancellation date (e.g If you request to cancel on 20 July, one full calendar month’s notice means your membership ends on 20 August.  If your direct debit collection date is the 1st of every month, you will be required to pay for 20 days in August).

32. If you joined on a 6 or 12-month minimum term plan, are still within your minimum term and pay your membership fees monthly by direct debit, you can cease your membership by providing one full calendar months’ notice and paying the difference between the 1-month price and 6- or 12-month price for the length of time you have been a member at the point of cancelling. (For example, you request to cancel after 3 months of your agreed 12-month minimum term. The difference between the 1-month price and 12-month price is £15 per month, so you are required to pay £15 x 3 = £45, plus your 1 full calendar month’ notice at your current rate.) The monthly fees used for the calculation of your settlement fee are the ones that were in application at the time you joined.

33. You can cancel your membership at any time if your circumstances change to such an extent that we are satisfied it is not possible for you to continue to use your home club’s facilities (for example, due to medical reasons, if you are made redundant or if you move to an area which is more than 5 miles from your home club).

34. To cancel your membership for medical reasons, you will need to give us notice and provide the documents we ask for as proof of the change in your circumstances. During the initial membership term, you must continue to pay your membership fees each month until you have provided the evidence requested and we are satisfied with it. Upon receipt of your documents, your membership will be cancelled prior to your next monthly direct debit being collected. We will refund any fees you have paid up front as a lump sum membership for the period that has not yet passed once your cancellation has taken effect.

35. To cancel your membership for a non-medical change in circumstances (for example, you are made redundant or move to an area which is more than 5 miles from your home club) you must provide suitable proof of your change in circumstance. During the initial membership term, you must continue to pay your membership fees each month until you have provided evidence of your change in circumstance, and we are satisfied with it. Upon receipt of your documents, your membership will be cancelled prior to your next monthly direct debit being collected. We will refund any fees you have paid up front as a lump sum membership for the period that has not yet passed once your cancellation has taken effect.

36. We can cancel your membership if: you have seriously broken the club rules or any terms of this contract; you do not pay any fee or charge within seven days of the date it was due, and we have written to you and given you a further 14 days to pay (so the fee or charge is more than 21 days late); your home club permanently closes (if this happens, we will refund any membership fees you have paid upfront for the period of membership that has not yet been completed); or for any other reason if we consider it necessary to end your contract.

37. If you pay your membership fees upfront in one single lump sum, your membership will automatically end once you have completed this term (2), unless you choose to renew your membership.

Miscellaneous Terms

38. Members must be 16 or older.

39. You agree to provide a recent photograph for the purposes of your membership and to comply with our ‘Gym Rules’, which is displayed in your club and online, and extends to opening hours, use of facilities and your conduct. We may change our gym rules if we feel this is reasonably necessary. 

40. We may assign the benefit of this agreement and our rights thereunder to a third party on notice to you. Your rights under this agreement will not be prejudiced.

41. There may be occasions where we have to close all, or part of, the gym where you train. In such circumstances, you will not be entitled to any partial or full refund. We will endeavour to advise you in advance where possible unless the issue is urgent or an emergency. Where possible we will try to ensure that any such closures are in off peak hours and are kept to a minimum. 

42. We will not be liable for or responsible for any failure to perform any of our obligations under this agreement which are caused by any event that is outside our reasonable control.

43. Our staff, agents and subcontractors are not medically qualified so if you have any doubts about your fitness or capability to exercise, we strongly recommend that you get advice from a doctor first. Please be aware that our swimming pools are not under constant supervision. If you have a medical condition that may affect your safety or wellbeing, we strongly advise you are accompanied whilst swimming. For safety reasons, you are responsible for correctly using all club facilities and reading club signs and agree to keep to the conditions in the Member Health Pledge, which is available in our clubs and online. We strongly advise that all members complete an induction to the gym, and you should ask for one if we do not offer you one. If you are not sure how to use any equipment, always ask a member of staff. 

44. We can transfer all or any part of our rights or responsibilities under this contract to another organisation, but this will not affect your rights under the contract.

Locker Hire

45. A £30 refundable deposit is required for locker hire. Upon termination of locker agreement, the deposit will be returned providing all outstanding fees have been paid, key is returned and locker inspected for damage.

46. If you lose your key, you will forfeit your deposit, this will cover the replacement cost of a new lock. A new deposit will be required.

47. This service is for members only, you must hold a valid Fitness First membership.

48. Payment is required monthly by direct debit to coincide with monthly direct debit date for membership fees.

49. Should you fall into arrears regarding locker payments the club team will remove belongings two weeks after the direct debit failure and store for a reasonable period of time before disposing of the items.

50. Rented lockers are only intended for the use of members for training kit and cosmetics, we do not recommend they are used to store any valuables. Should the club have reasonable belief that the locker is being used for any other purpose, Fitness First reserves the right to open and remove belongings.

51. Fitness First will not be held liable for the loss/theft of any locker contents.

52. The club will attempt to contact you where there are plans to open the locker, move, or remove belongings. It is the members responsibility to ensure up to date contact details are held. (Email and Mobile number)

53. Locker hire is not transferable.

54. To cancel your locker hire we require 1 months' notice. You should cancel by completing a contact form

55. These terms and conditions are displayed on our website. We can make reasonable changes at any time.

Information About Us

56. Clubs operated under the ‘Fitness First’ brand are owned and operated by Fitness First Clubs Limited (company number 03207791) which is a company registered in England and Wales. 

57. If you have any questions or if you have any complaints, please contact us on  

58. We can make reasonable changes to these terms and conditions at any time. Additional terms and conditions might be agreed on specific membership types e.g., corporate, partnerships, promotions etc. Such terms will be shown in conjunction with any offer or agreement and may supersede these terms which will be agreed in writing.  

These Terms & Conditions were updated on 12.04.2022

Klarna Terms and Conditions

59. In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, we offer you the following payment options. Payment is to be made to Klarna:

      • Pay Later 30
      • Pay in 3 instalments

60. Further information and Klarna’s user terms you can find here. General information on Klarna can be found here. Your personal data is handled in accordance with applicable data protection law and in accordance with the information in Klarnas privacy statement.