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4 tips to be more active while looking after your kids

April 06 2022 6 min read

Nobody knows how hard it is to try and stick to a healthy lifestyle more than parents do.

As a parent, you would move heaven and earth to ensure that your children are well cared for and happy, which unfortunately means that you often skip the gym to spend time with them. Of course, your relationship with your children is the main priority, but you must also remember that your own wellbeing is important too.

We understand that being a parent can be stressful at times and taking a break from the kids in order to exercise can significantly help to reduce stress. Don’t feel guilty for occasionally leaving your children with a babysitter and heading for a workout. The sense of calm and achievement that you get from exercise will help you to become more understanding and a better parent in the long run.

However, exercise and children shouldn’t be such a conflicting concept. There are plenty of ways that you can enjoy the benefits of physical activity with your kids, while still being a responsible parent.


Think back to when you were a child, do you remember how exciting it was when your family took you on an adventure? You’d walk for what felt like hours outside and discover all of the excitement that nature has to offer, while spending quality time with the people you cherished.

Even as an adult you should still get as excited about taking a trip outdoors with your children. Not only does it promote positive family bonding, but walking outside on difficult terrain is a great workout for your legs, especially if you are climbing up hills and running after active little ones - you’ll be worn out by the end of the day! You don’t just have to be restricted to the woods either, why not take your kids to an indoor climbing centre for a change?


Fitness First Clubs is the perfect place for your child to learn how to swim. We offer a range of lessons for children to learn how to swim and our professional instructors can teach your child the basic swimming strokes and turn them into expert swimming professionals in a matter of months.

While your child is making a splash in the pool, you can be making progress in the gym. Drop your child off at a swimming lesson while you take in some welcomed “you” time by improving your personal best on the gym floor. Find out more about swimming lessons for children here.


It’s no secret, children absolutely love to dance!

Whether it’s dancing around the living room to their favourite TV show, or having a boogie to the radio, you’ll have a hard time keeping your kids from showing off their dance skills when the music starts to play. Get involved by scheduling half an hour of dancing time for you and your kids at home and give it your all for a fun and effective cardio workout.


Instead of groaning and fast forwarding through the advert breaks while you're watching TV, be happy that you have an extra few minutes to workout. If you are following our 40 Days Of Fitness Challenge you will know how much you can get out of a short period of time, so get jump squatting and see what a difference a few minutes can make.