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5 Upcoming fitness trends that could shape your life

April 06 2022 6 min read


An innovative new fitness trend is always on the horizon, it seems. In such a dynamic industry we are continually searching for new-fangled ways to improve our performance, lose more weight and become healthier individuals.

We peered into our crystal ball in 2014 and saw intense interval training, traditional bodyweight exercises and yoga as the big-hitting fitness trends of 2015. So what will the next few months hold in store for the future of our health and fitness trends?


Do you ever look at the clock during your workout and wish the time would go faster? Many people fall into the trap of doing the same routine every time that they go to the gym, which can leave you feeling bored and uninspired.

Transform your workout by turning hardcore training into a game by incorporating playground-style games into your weekly exercise routine. Try playing games like dodgeball, British Bulldogs and capture the flag once a week to encourage you to let go, have fun and burn some serious calories.


You may think that this year’s exercise trends of high-intensity interval training and yoga are polar opposites, but what if they came together to create the ultimate workout?

A new trend has emerged where static moves, such as those found in yoga and Pilates, are infused with high-intensity cardio training. This kind of training works every major muscle group and improves posture and alignment for every fitness level. The moves burn fat due to the intense cardio aspect of the workout, but they also help to tone muscles while you complete the stretches.


Move over coconut water, there’s a new ‘super-drink’ in town!

Birch water has been a traditional drink and medicinal ingredient in parts of China, Canada and Eastern Europe for hundreds of years. Used as a spring cleansing water to replenish the body after the harsh winter, the drink itself is made from tapping the sap from Birch trees. Its caloric content is four-times lower than coconut water, plus it contains xylitol, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

As well as removing toxins such as uric acid from the body, birch water has been associated with reducing cellulite, removing cavities from your teeth, lowering cholesterol, boosting liver and kidney health and also refreshing the skin.

Candice Van Eeden, who is the nutritionist for Birch water brand Sibberi commented on the effects of the liquid: “Birch Water is an effective diuretic supporting the liver to detoxify unwanted chemicals and the kidney to expel uric acid from the body, this is what gives Birch sap its anti-inflammatory property. Did you know that a build-up of uric acid in the body is toxic?! For instance, gout is a build-up of uric acid in the joints.”


The days of calorie counting are over, now you can eat as much food as you like - as long as it’s ‘clean’.

The clean eating phenomenon has dominated the feeds of Instagram for a while now, but the trend is here to stay, as more and more people strip back their diets and adopt a natural approach to food. Unprocessed natural foods, such as organic meat, vegetables and fruit, remain at the heart of a clean-eater’s diet. The principles are very similar to the Paleo lifestyle, as clean eating is seen as a way of life rather than a diet, and the emphasis is placed on the quality of the foods that you eat, as opposed to restricting your calorie intake.


The popularity of high-intensity interval training and weighted moves over the last year has soared, so the fact that these are now being combined doesn’t come as much of a surprise. High-intensity resistance training (or HIRT) infuses explosive cardio moves guaranteed to get your heart racing, such as jumping and skipping, with resistance moves like press-ups, kettlebell swings and squats. Combining these two pushes your body to the limit, builds muscle and burns fat. Try our GT30 class by contacting your local Fitness First Club and experience a true HIRT class now.


So there are the five fitness trends that will be taking the industry by storm over the next few months. Of course, while sticking to your exercise regime never goes out of style, sometimes you need to mix things up a bit and change your workout routine. Book a free consultation with one of our personal trainers at DW, with qualifications in fitness and nutrition one of our expert team will be sure to set you on the right track.