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5 ways to make a healthy life more sociable

April 06 2022 6 min read

You don’t need to hang around fancy places to impress your best friend, or need an alcohol-fuelled night to have fun, true best friends enjoy each other’s company wherever they are. Yet, we also know how easy it is to indulge in bad habits with them, who else will encourage you to buy that giant bar of chocolate to eat during film night?

You both know that these habits are bad for your health and you want to change, but you still encourage each other to lead unhealthy lives. This National Best Friend Day on June 8th, we are encouraging best friends to break their unhealthy habits and get social in the gym!

It will be much easier to stick to healthy habits if both of you change your ways. After all, if every one of your friends was eating salad for lunch you certainly wouldn’t want to be the only one eating pizza. Here are 5 ways that you can use your friendships to get fit and healthy.


Some personal trainers allow small groups to split their sessions up, to share the cost and create a more sociable experience. Not only will you get the same professional workout, but you will also reduce the cost and have the additional motivation to work harder than your friend!

Practise the workouts in between sessions, as you’ll be able to correct each other’s form and track your improvements during the next session. You can book your free consultation for PT services here.


Swap going out for unhealthy meals and takeaways by trying out healthy recipes together. These don’t have to be typically healthy or plain, throw out the baked fish fillet and try and recreate healthy versions of your favourite dishes. Why not experiment with a cauliflower base pizza, sweet potato nachos with homemade guacamole and some baked apple crisps?


Exercise classes are a fantastic way to have fun while you’re working out, join in with a high-energy class, such as Zumba or spinning, where you know you’ll be able to let go and just have a good time.

Exercising is much easier when you are laughing and joking with your pal; you might even find yourself making a group of new friends. This sociable activity will give you something to look forward to during the week and keep you focused on your fitness.


If you and your best friend regularly spend Sunday morning lying around on the sofa together discussing the events of the previous night, then it’s time to get outside and feel alive!

Experience breathtaking views by going on a long walk or a hike with your friend, you’ll have an excellent company, lots of fresh air and added endorphins to banish the hangover blues!


Get away from the temptations of going on boozy nights out by escaping to a wellness retreat or a spa for the weekend. Challenge yourself in the on-site gym, before allowing yourself to relax with a massage and a serene dip in the pool. At DW, we recognise that our customers want top-class facilities to relax in after a gruelling workout, so make sure you check out our swim, steam and spa offerings.

Stick together and these activities will soon become regular habits, encouraging each other to lead an overall healthier lifestyle while enjoying your friend’s company. As other people start to notice positive changes in the way that you both look and act, they will wish that they started their journey at the same time.