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6 great tips to keep you motivated all winter!

April 06 2022 6 min read

Ultramarathon runner and one of England’s finest marathon runners Holly Rush has these great ideas for you to make sure you’ll be lacing up your shoes on the darkest and wettest of nights this winter.

  1. Put a date in your diary for your planned event/adventure. Make sure you give everyone enough time to plan ahead and get some training in the bag.
  2. Get some like-minded crazy people who love running to join you. Advertise at your local club and try and get some of the roadies to break away from the tarmac.
  3. Either find a race locally or perhaps plan a weekend away somewhere new. There are so many amazing races, many in exciting, wild locations.
  4. Alternatively, create your own challenge. For instance, there are plenty of national trails or circuits you can run on for free. Pick somewhere scenic with options for people to stay over and make a real weekend of it.
  5. Make it a real challenge. Give yourself a target...either a distance to run in a specific time or a number of peaks in the Lake District to summit within the day, but to make sure it's realistic you'll need to do your research. The choices are limitless!
  6. Be organised. You want everything to go well and everyone to have a good time, so do your research. Check out what other challenges people have undertaken and take inspiration from them.

Get everyone involved. The more people you tell the more support you will get. Tell the local press, they are always up for a story.