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7 essential men's kit upgrades for 2018 training

April 06 2022 6 min read

So, your new fitness regime is going well. You’re hitting it hard and feeling pumped, until the soles of your battered trainers finally come unstuck and the holes in your ten-year-old “holiday buy” hoodie become so big they qualify as sleeves.

When your training gear is holding you back from achieving your fitness goals, you’re due an upgrade.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of essential gear upgrades you’ll want to get your hands on to see yourself hitting -- and even surpassing -- the targets you’ve set for yourself for the year ahead.


WHAT THEY ARE: Nike Metcon

WHY THEY’RE ESSENTIAL: Next-level durability and traction

When you’re working your full body, you need training shoes that are suitable for anything you’ll be tackling in the gym, whether that’s high-intensity treadmill work or acing that deadlift you’ve been working up to.

The Nike Metcon 4 is the ideal multi-purpose trainer. Sticky rubber in the forefoot provides excellent traction for running and interval training, while the 4mm midsole offset creates a stable platform that’s ideal for weightlifting.

You can even wear them outside the gym as a slick addition to your outfit.


WHAT THEY ARE: Under Armour HeatGearⓇ Tech Crew Socks

WHY THEY’RE ESSENTIAL: Gives cushioning in key pressure zones for supreme comfort

So you’ve found the perfect pair of trainers and you’re already feeling the benefit.

But here’s a little-known fact: getting the right socks can help take your performance even further.

Under Armour’s HeatGearⓇ Tech Crew Socks bring a new level of technical innovation to sports socks with strategic cushioning in key pressure zones. That way, blood-flow is kept consistent and pressure is taken away from areas of your foot that would otherwise be at risk of blistering.

Under Armour’s unique fabric helps wick away sweat to keep your feet fresh, too, so no more waiting until the locker room is empty to take your shoes off after an intense 10k on the treadmill.


WHAT THEY ARE: Nike Utility Men's Tights

WHY THEY’RE ESSENTIAL: Keeps your legs warm and dry while you train

How can you keep warm on a winter run without being bogged down by baggy jogging bottoms? These men’s tights from the Nike Utility range provide a pretty compelling answer.

Not only is friction minimised by four-way stretch fabric, but Nike’s sweat-wicking technology takes these tights to another level by keeping you dry and comfortable - no matter how intense your training gets.

With reduced wind resistance and improved comfort, Nike Utility training tights are sure to help you shave a few seconds off that personal best.


WHAT IS IT: Adidas Alphaskin Sport Long-Sleeve Top

WHY IT’S ESSENTIAL: Alphaskin compression fit with full freedom of movement

The adidas Alphaskin range looks like it’s come straight from the future.

That’s because, well, it sort of has come from the future.

Alphaskin is constructed to act like a second skin. Cutting-edge compression technology keeps your core strong while simultaneously liberating you to move more freely. It’s also equipped with sweat-wicking Climalite to keep you dry during the most intense workouts.

It’s even made with recycled polyester to make it environmentally friendly. It doesn’t just come from the future: it contributes towards it, too.


WHAT IT IS: Under Armour Men's Zip-top Fleece

WHY IT’S ESSENTIAL: Supreme warmth, without the weight

Keeping warm during winter training can be difficult if you’re wearing clothes that weigh you down.

Thankfully, Under Armour has developed a fleece that helps you take on the winter winds boldly, without impacting your speed. This zip-top training fleece is light and breathable, and is designed to stretch for superior mobility.

Its soft inner layer traps heat inside to keep you warm and comfortable, so when the temperature drops, your performance doesn’t.


WHAT THEY ARE: Under Armour Men's Raid Novelty Shorts

Why they’re essential: HeatGearⓇ fabric with the benefits of Under Armor’s signature compression technology.

Even when it’s frosty outside, you need to think ahead to summer, when you’ll need to keep the heat at bay if you want to push yourself harder.

These light shorts from Under Armour allow for a comfortable training session - even in the hotter months, thanks to their innovative HeatGearⓇ fabric. HeatGearⓇ reduces friction and disperses heat to keep you cooler for longer.

Combine all that with a UPF30+ fabric that protects you from UV radiation and you have yourself a pair of shorts that will help you raise the bar even when the sun is high.


WHAT THEY ARE: AfterShokz sport titanium earphones with mic

WHY THEY’RE ESSENTIAL: Impact-proof audio quality and sweat-repellent technology

No good workout is complete without a killer soundtrack to keep your spirits high; that’s why they’re an essential element in sports montages, from Rocky to Chariots of Fire.

AfterShokz sport earphones are specially designed to deliver the best audio experience possible without detracting from your freedom of movement. PremiumPitch+™ guarantees wide dynamic range with rich bass for big tracks, and OpenFit™ design ensures you feel comfortable wearing them for as long as you need to work out.

Infuse your training with the perfect soundtrack and watch the results speak for themselves.


The earlier you get some training gear upgrades,the bigger the gains you’ll see at the end of the year. Enhancing your comfort doesn’t just provide a one-off boost to the way you exercise: it makes training more enjoyable overall, which helps you push yourself that little bit further time and time again.