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A new style of freestyle training

April 06 2022 6 min read


We’ve long been advocates of freestyle training, which is a social, free-flowing type of workout allowing you to train across multiple pieces of equipment and focus on multiple muscle groups all in one session.

Fitness First freestyle training classes not only enable you to become familiar with lots of the equipment at our gyms, which you can then use in your own time outside of classes, but they also allow you to reap the benefits of training in a group.

Working out with others means that exercise is a fun, social activity, but it also makes for a healthy sense of competition, which means you’re more likely to push yourself and go further. Using exercise equipment with others is advisable for safety reasons too, like directing on form and assisting with heavy weights.




Our Explore class allows participants to master the fundamental movements of freestyle training before then applying them to our freestyle equipment.

Perfect for freestyle newbies, the session will begin with a focus on form and technique as a group, but will then split down into pairs to apply that technique on to the gym equipment.

Flexible and adaptable to your needs, participants will be able to choose what piece of kit they want to work on in every class as well as the pace at which they use the kit.

Our Explore sessions will leave you feeling a satisfying burn, but also looking forward to the next session and which piece of kit you’ll get to grips with next time.


Our core class helps you build a strong, controlled core, enabling stronger functional lifts using purely your own body weight and various small pieces of equipment.

Working in pairs, complete our supersets twice to work both sides of the core. 

The structure of the class tends to be 45 seconds of activity followed by 15 seconds of rest for each exercise. All exercises have a progression so you can build upon your core strength in each session working towards the next level for you.

Exercises could include, plank, knee crunch, raised sit ups, flutter kicks, oblique crunch - to name a few!


Work at high intensity and pace with equal bursts of 30 second work and rest intervals, using Dynamic Movement Training techniques in all 3 dimensions; work your core with body weight and Freestyle™ equipment to maximise your output and elevate the heart. 

You'll alternate pairs of exercises in supersets before moving on to the next set of exercises provided by your instructor. At the end of the class you can take part in the 'finisher' exercise to use up your last bit of energy!

Some example exercises performed in this class could include: jumping lunges, high knees, squat, sandbell slams, cleans


This resistance band-led class aims to both lift and shape your lower body assets, building muscle and strength in the glute area.

Glute Gains will focus on controlled movements involving tension, which can be adjusted to suit each participant. These movements will activate and engage both the core and the lower body muscle groups, including the glutes, quads, calves and thighs.

The class will involve repeating a set of multiple exercises twice, with 40 seconds of work broken up with 20 seconds of rest in between each exercise.


This Bootcamp class aims to not only improve your cardiovascular efficiency, but also increase strength, and burn up calories and body fat.

The class will consist of several (around nine or ten) exercise stations, at which participants are encouraged to go as hard as they possibly can for one minute in order to achieve their personal best. Participants will move from station to station and the aim is to work at maximum intensity at each.

After each station, you should be totally spent, and after the whole Bootcamp session itself, you’ll definitely be feeling the burn.

At Bootcamp, you’ll be spurred on by those around you, who are all pushing themselves to the limit, and you’ll be competing with yourself to beat your last time or increase your last set of reps.


These are only a few of our classes on offer so be sure to check out your local gym's class timetable for full details