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Can you slip into summer in 12 weeks?

April 06 2022 6 min read

Are you looking to drop a dress size in time for summer? Fitness First Clubs is inviting you to Slip Into Summer with our brand new 12-week campaign.

We look forward to summer for months on end, planning our holidays and dreaming of finally putting our coat away and getting a brand new summer wardrobe - shorts and t-shirts galore! But when summer does finally come around, many of us feel self conscious about how we look, or we feel too bloated and sluggish to take part in all of the activities that we’d like to do.

Perhaps there is an event, such as a wedding, that you are desperate to lose weight for. Or maybe you just want to feel more comfortable in your summer clothes? Whatever the reason that you are choosing to embark on a healthier lifestyle is, Fitness First Clubs will support you every step of the way.


They say that summer bodies are made in winter but there is still plenty of time to make a change, 12 weeks in fact!

Forget about crash dieting a couple of weeks before your goal date to fit into an outfit, lose weight the safe way with regular exercise and plenty of healthy food over a three-month period. It may sound obvious, but sometimes we just need a push in the right direction to make a real change. That’s why we have created a 12-week meal plan and monthly exercise routine for everyone to follow.

We wanted to create a simple exercise plan that people would stick to. The monthly plan consists of three workouts a week; two gym workouts and one workout that you can complete in the great outdoors. You can alter the exercise plan to suit your current level of fitness - you never know, you might need to increase it as you become stronger throughout the challenge - and to avoid your body falling into a plateau, we are going to create a brand new workout for you to follow every month.

Workout Plan

The meal plan also follows simple guidelines, as we know how hard it is to stick to an overly-complicated diet. You’ll find no hempseed kebabs in this plan, just real, healthy food that will sufficiently fuel your body. The meal plan contains different categories of measured foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, which allows you to pick and choose your own meals everyday so that you don’t feel restricted.

Meal Plan


Fitness First Clubs has challenged 10 bloggers and 10 journalists to see whether they can slip into the summer dress of their dreams in 12 weeks.

To make the challenge even more exciting we have teamed up with clothing brand, Weird Fish, who will send our lovely participants a dress of their choice from their website.

Sounds too good to be true? Here’s the catch - the dress will be a size smaller than the ladies’ currently are and they will have to fit into their dress by the end of the 12-week challenge with the help and support of Fitness First Clubs.


Motivation and support from others makes a huge difference to your weight-loss journey and we want everyone participating in the Slip Into Summer challenge to feel empowered and encouraged.

We’ve witnessed first hand how influential positive support from online communities can be through our weekly #FitnessRevolution twitter chats, as many people stated that they wouldn’t have made it through the challenge without the backing of the online fitness community. We want to keep this positivity alive by continuing the weekly Wednesday twitter chats at the same time of 9pm. Simply use the same #FitnessRevolution hashtag to join in.

As well as the ongoing support from Fitness First Clubs personal trainers, we also hope that our special 12-week challengers will support one another. Each of our 20 participants will be assigned to one another as a pen pal so that they can write motivational letters and inspire one another throughout the entire challenge.

If you’re looking for more vibrant and inspiring surroundings in which to complete your challenge, why not sign up as a Fitness First Club member?