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Check Out Our Guilt-free Snacking Guide For Football Fans

April 06 2022 6 min read

Ever spared a thought for the calories consumed while watching sport? 

We've discovered some key info about the nation's snacking habits when it comes to watching the Football. 

Amongst the top snacks Britons will be enjoying during the tournament are fast food cheeseburgers, sharing crisps, Doner Kebabs and salted peanuts, with one-fifth of football fans choosing to consume alcoholic drinks, most likely beer, cider or Sauvignon Blanc. 

The total calorie content of the top ten snacks football fans opt to eat during a football match totals 4,699 calories, which is over two times the recommended daily calorie content for a woman per day and over 1.8 of that for men. 

To help football supporters combat overindulging, Fitness First has come up with 4 simple steps for Britons to keep moving - without missing a second of action on the pitch. 

WORKOUT WHILE YOU WATCH - each time your football team is awarded a corner do 15-star jumps; maybe a yellow card equals 50 seconds running on the spot

MIX IT UP - 15 minutes before the game enjoy a high-intensity workout with squat jumps, press ups, burpees, crunches, and lunges. This will raise the heart rate and get you into a fat burning zone

STAY HYDRATED - Drink a glass of water in-between any alcoholic beverage consumed. This will keep you hydrated and prevent sugar cravings the morning after

GO NAKED - if you fancy a burger, chose the bun-less burger option. This no carb option will help to keep your blood sugar levels balanced and cancel out cravings