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Looking for a personal trainer in London?

April 06 2022 6 min read

Want to get more out of your workout? Perhaps you have your own fitness goals you’d like to achieve? Or, are you simply a newbie and not sure what to do with all the weights and machines? It’s time to call in the experts and get some professional help from a Fitness First personal trainer.

We have a range of personal trainers at our Fitness First gyms, available round the clock for a dedicated one-on-one consultation. If you’re based in the capital, make an appointment and talk to any of our London personal trainers who will help you put together a customised programme so you can get the most out of your workout. Our PTs in London have a range of different backgrounds, from professional athletes to nutrition experts and all have certifications in personal training and fitness. We handpick our PTs to ensure you’re completely comfortable and confident, and we don’t stop until we’ve found your perfect match!

In your initial consultation, your PT will help you explore and set your goals – not just in the gym, but in life as well. From weight loss and building muscle, to recovering from an injury or training for an upcoming event, our highly qualified trainers will work with you to help you achieve your goal. Together, you’ll put together an exercise plan taking into consideration your lifestyle, timetable and targets. Your PT can advise you of other exercises you can do independently, such as specific group classes or other activities away from the gym. Our nutrition coaches can also put together a healthy eating plan to complement your workout.

Think of your PT as a coach – they’re there to motivate you, help you correct and improve your technique, prevent injury and introduce you to new exercises so you can take your training further. You’ll work side-by-side each session, track your results and celebrate your accomplishments together. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-timer or a hard-core gym junkie – everyone can benefit from a personal trainer. Don’t forget, even professional athletes have a coach! Get the most out of your workout and find your perfect Fitness First personal trainer today.