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No shuffle, no excuses! your high-intensity workout playlist

April 06 2022 6 min read

Listening to the right playlist is a great way to power through a workout, especially if you are on your own instead of training in a class or with a personal trainer.

Music is incredibly empowering, it can make us happier, alter our heart rate and motivate us to push on when we really need an energy boost. No matter how tired you are, you will always move faster when your favourite song comes on!

On the flip side, we understand how demotivating spending ages shuffling through songs to find the right ones can be. You could easily stand still flicking through your iPod through songs that aren’t right for your workout and before you know it you’ve wasted 10 minutes of your gym time!

Not to mention those times where you’re smashing your workout and then when the song finishes you have to flick through a multitude of inappropriate songs until you can get going again. ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston may be a classic, but you probably won’t get through an uphill sprint listening to it!

Don't fear, we have put together a fast-paced summer playlist that’s ideal for a high-intensity interval session. We’ve also timed the songs perfectly so the mix will see you through a full 20-minute workout, plus giving you 2 minutes either side to warm up and cool down.

All of the songs are around 125 BPM so they are lively enough to push you through a tough session. Hit play and get going; here are the tracks whenever you’re ready!

Alive - Chase & Status 3.36
Bitch Better Have My Money - Rihanna (R3Hab Remix) 3.48
Higher (Kideko Remix) - Sigma Labrinth 4.58
Bang That - Disclosure 5.25
GDFR - Flo Ryder 3.10
Gravity - DJ Fresh Ella Eyre 3.17

Let us know if you’ve enjoyed this workout by tweeting us using the #FitnessRevolution hashtag. No shuffle, no excuses!

Of course, these tunes won’t be to everybody’s taste, so why not work out your own 20-minute, no-shuffle, high-tempo workout playlist? We’d love to see what you’ve gone for!

If you’ve got an iPod full of tunes ready to go, come and see us at your local Fitness First Club. As you’ll see from this list, we’ve got gyms right the way across the UK.