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Our top tips for an active Easter

April 06 2022 6 min read

It may seem as though we’re still in mid-winter thanks to the grim weather, but Easter is nearly here again. Although it may not seem like a long time, the four-day weekend has the power to make or break your summer health and fitness goals.

Many of us are guilty of mentally checking out of the gym for the bank holiday weekend. While the momentary feeling of munching on chocolate eggs might be satisfying, you will feel much happier when your normal routine rolls around if you have stuck to your health and fitness goals.

For those of us who are lucky enough to have a few extra days off work, relish your free time by getting yourself out there and staying active this Easter. Decline staying in and watching Indiana Jones for the 10th time and do something that will actually make your body and mind feel good.

After all, we all know that the Easter bunny’s favourite pastime is doing hareobics! (Sorry about that one, we couldn’t resist).


Traditionally an Easter lunch, or should we more accurately say feast, consists of a huge lamb roast with all the trimmings - Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, vegetables and mash. Not to mention brunch, starters and the booze.

Even if you’ve steered away from the temptation of the chocolate eggs earlier, there’s still the calorie-packed desserts to get through. Indulging in all of these treats (minus the alcohol) could set you back almost 6,000 calories!

We don’t expect you to avoid eating chocolate altogether this Easter, but try to remember your goals before you become mesmerized by the enemy (disguised as a bunny wrapped up in shiny foil clothes). The same rules apply when it comes to Easter lunch, by all means enjoy yourself, but don’t overindulge so that you will undo all of your hard work.


Do an activity that scares you this bank holiday weekend!

We’re not talking about something drastic like jumping out of an aeroplane (unless that’s what you really want). It might be going in the weight room, trying a new swimming stroke or doing something really daring like flying down a zip wire.


It’s not just children who can pretend to be bunnies this Easter, learn from the masters by hopping and jumping your way to fitness.

There’s a reason why elite athletes, such as boxers, choose the skipping rope as their fitness accessory of choice. Jumping is a high-intensity cardio activity which burns huge amounts of calories in very little time, it gets your heart rate up and keeps your body in a fat-burning zone. If that wasn’t enough, when you jump your body releases endorphins which make you feel happy.

Try doing as many jump squats and jumping jacks as you can in between advert breaks if you’re watching television, or get outdoors and start skipping using a rope. There are plenty of high-intensity gym classes for you to partake in, too.


However good your intentions are, Easter Sunday usually ends up being quite a lazy day.

Embrace the relaxed atmosphere this Sunday by taking a gentle walk, bring the family along and help each other burn off those extra calories from lunch.

Take a look at our below infographic for some more tips of having a healthier Easter!