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#OWNIT - Gina Akpe-Moses

April 06 2022 6 min read

There’s never been a more exciting time for women in sport. With more women than ever on the mainstream stage, female athletes are taking the world by storm, and it’s only getting better.

To celebrate, Fitness First is teaming up with some of the biggest brands in sport to shine a light on female athletes and to make 2019 the summer of women’s sport with #OWNIT.

Anna Woolhouse, the face of Sky Sports Boxing and a DW brand ambassador, is fronting the campaign with an important message: inspiring and empowering women in sport. An established broadcast journalist and presenter, Anna has covered a huge range of sporting events, including netball, ice hockey and F1. Anna shares her passion for sport with her 90,000 Instagram followers.

Each week, Anna will be speaking with some of the UK’s top female athletes, taking us through their backgrounds, what makes them tick, and their relationship with sport.

This week, Anna speaks to Irish sprinter Gina Akpe-Moses. Gina talks about her training, the importance of building your strength before each race, and how the first four steps are key in every sprint.

Gina also opens up about an accident she had aged five, when she was pronounced dead before being revived. This has a huge impact on her, and getting into track really helped to boost her self-esteem. Gina is now European junior champion over 100 metres, and the first Irish woman to win a sprint gold medal at that level. 

Listen to Gina’s story here. 



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