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Reasons to workout

April 06 2022 6 min read

Hannah Mills is an online personal trainer and lifestyle coach who shares all things fitness and nutrition over on her blog, Wedges & Weights. In this article, Hannah reminds us of the many good reasons why we should be working out! 


When it comes to the topic of working out, you'll often hear people moan and groan – they see it as a chore, rather than a pleasure. What they perhaps don't realise is that there are many reasons why they should be working out, and it's not just about honing killer abs!

Reasons why you SHOULD be working out:

    1. Improve your mood – when you train, your body releases endorphins that give you that post workout buzz. After a tough day in the office, the sofa might sound more inviting. But did you know that working out will act as a mental release and you will, in fact, feel better after completing your workout? If you can lift that heavy barbell, you can pretty much take on the world, right?
    2. Body confidence – when you don’t feel good about your body or how you look, you often have low self-esteem. By working out, you push your mind and body to their limits and your results will empower you and give you that confidence that will shine through. Plus, your new-found confidence will rub off on other areas of your life, such as your career and relationships. Not to mention that you’ll begin to hold yourself better too!


  1. Perform better at work – working out helps to boost creativity and improves concentration levels, which means you'll nail those pitches in the boardroom. It's not a coincidence that highflying companies such as Google and Apple have in-house gyms. Being active makes you feel great, and when you feel great, you think more clearly and perform better.
  2. Health benefits – if that isn't enough to persuade you, did you know that working out can help reduce your risk of developing diseases, such as high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes – all of which are linked to obesity. Also, as we get older our bone mass density decreases, so taking part in regular exercise such as weight-bearing and resistance exercises, is important for improving bone mass density.
  3. The community – whether you’re in a gym class, running in a group, or jumping in on the squat rack, there’s a real sense of community when you train alongside others. It’s an awesome way to make new friends, and being surrounded by like-minded individuals helps boost motivation, spurring you on to become fitter and stronger.
  4. It’s fun – this one’s simple: find an activity you enjoy, and you’ll never see working out as a chore again. Try something new, join a sports team, and don’t forget to have fun doing it!
  5. The results – ok, so I said it wasn’t all about killer abs, but when you do start to see your hard work paying off in the mirror, it’s hard to not give yourself a pat on the back, and shout ‘YES!’
  6. Because you can – and if all else fails and you really don't feel like working out, then remind yourself that there are lots of people around the world who can’t workout for many different reasons. You are lucky enough to be able to do it, so grab your trainers and let’s go!