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Recipe: open omelette with green beans, spinach, turkey and feta

April 06 2022 6 min read


80g green beans

100g spinach

110g cooked turkey, shredded

1 lemon

2 eggs

2 egg white

40g feta cheese

5g coconut oil

Handful of chopped parsley




FOR TOPPING: Heat a non-stick pan to a high heat and cook the green beans in coconut oil, followed by the spinach until gently wilted.

Place in a bowl with the shredded cooked turkey (seasoned with salt and pepper), a squeeze of lemon and fresh chopped parsley.

FOR OMELETTE: Mix together the eggs and egg white in a bowl. Heat a non-stick pan to a medium heat and pour in the egg mix. Allow it to cook until you can move it off the bottom of the pan. Once cooked turn out onto a plate. 

TO SERVE: Serve your omelette topped with warm green beans, spinach and turkey and crumble over the feta cheese.