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Shoulder workouts to bring the burn

April 06 2022 6 min read

If you're looking to develop your shoulder strength, mobility and more, then try these amazing shoulder moves! Take a look at a combination of shoulder exercises that have the potential to develop size and strength as well as help to improve posture.



Equipment Needed: ViPR

How to complete: Start with holding the ViPR at chin height. Press the ViPR overhead until the arms have completely straightened. To mix it up, try holding the ViPR on the ends - or, off set your hands with one hand on the handles, and one hand on the end. The ViPR can be found in the freestyle kit zone and can be done anywhere in the gym.



Equipment Needed: Two Sand Bags

How to complete: In a standing position, lean forward whilst maintaining good posture until your chest is horizontal with the floor. Let your hands hang down vertically in front of you. Without letting your hands travel towards your hips, draw your hands apart and squeeze shoulder blades together. The sand bags can be found in the freestyle kit zone and can be done anywhere in the gym.



Equipment Needed: Two Dumbbells

How to complete: Combining both lateral raise and anterior raise into one exercise is great for saving time as well as driving progression. Whist standing, hold one dumbbell in each hand, raise one hand forward in front of you whilst raising your other hand out to the side - make sure to get both under control to shoulder height. Alternate which hand goes forward and which goes sideways. You can find the dumbbells in the free-weights zone of the gym.



Equipment Needed: Alpha Bag

How to complete: Using an alpha bag makes this exercise more challenging compared to a barbell. Holding the central handle, maintain good posture and pull the handle to your chin. Keep your core braced to prevent a forward lean of the chest. Lower the alpha bag slowly and under control.


I hope your shoulders are aching after this one! Let me know how you get on with these moves, and keep track of your progression to see your body improve. Check out my Instagram to see more of my health and wellbeing tips!