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The 40 days of fitness roundup

April 06 2022 6 min read

We may have begun the Slip Into Summer 12-week journey, but we certainly haven’t forgotten about the success of the 40 Days of Fitness campaign!

We’ve mentioned this previously, but everyone who has completed the challenge has made brilliant progress during the last couple of months. We can speak for everyone at DW when we say that we are incredibly proud to have had so many enthusiastic individuals involved, who are willing to support each other and smash their fitness goals!

The challenge finished with a bang as everyone said goodbye to the fitness revolution by completing a 5k run, either in the gym or soaking up the glorious British sunshine outdoors. Wherever you chose to complete your run, you were more than happy to share your success with us over social media. Some of you shared your time with us via twitter, so you could really show off how much you’ve improved fitness wise. There were even a few brave people who took a post-race selfie!


I did it! Sub 30 min #5k! What a great way to finish #FitnessRevoltuion with @dwsportsfitness — Corinne (@skinnedcartree) April 4, 2015



Post @delamereparkrun Crehan family selfie! #FitnessRevolution

— Megan Crehan (@Megan_Crehan) April 4, 2015



Throughout the challenge we hosted weekly #FitnessRevolution twitter chats for everyone involved with the challenge and anyone interested in talking about health and fitness in general. The chats encouraged extra motivation and support between all sorts of different people with various levels of fitness, and it was really great to see everyone interacting and sharing their own personal stories.

The success of these chats has been overwhelming, with so many positive people supporting each other and showing their progress over the course of the challenge. We have decided to maintain the positive spirit by continuing these twitter chats during the Slip Into Summer 12-week campaign. The chats will remain at 9pm on Wednesday nights using the #FitnessRevolution hashtag - so be sure to join in with the next one!

Our aim at the beginning of the 40 Days of Fitness challenge was to inspire people to do some form of exercise every day. We wanted to show people that you don’t have to slave away on the treadmill for hours to get results, you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to lift weights and sometimes you don’t even need to head to the gym to squeeze in a workout.

As well as the fantastic comments we had on twitter, we would also like to share some real-life testimonials from two bloggers who completed the challenge.


“The 40 Day Fitness Challenge has made me realise that doing a little exercise every day can make the biggest difference to your daily life. By only doing a little bit I have seen my skin clear up by a huge amount, my body feels different and I am also a lot happier.

“The challenge has also encouraged me to carry on doing something everyday even if it is only for five minutes, and hopefully soon I will be living and breathing a healthier lifestyle.”


'I love having a structure to my workouts and a way to stay accountable, so I loved getting involved in the twitter chats and writing posts about my week.

“The biggest improvement I’ve seen is in running. I started running 2 years ago and always struggled with my speed. The interval challenge really changed that for me. A few weeks after doing intervals on a Wednesday, I saw speed increase! I beat my 5k time three times
across the course of this challenge and on the last day, I ran the 5k in a time of 29:49. I never thought I’d get under 30 minutes.

“It just goes to show that with a bit of motivation, accountability and community, you can really reach your goals! I now make sure I do intervals at least once a week and hope to keep on improving my speed.

The 40 Days Of Fitness challenge was a massive success for everyone involved and we hope that the Slip into Summer campaign will drive as much inspiration and positivity as its predecessor.

Viva la fitness revolution!