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The benefits of resistance training

April 06 2022 6 min read

If you’re not familiar with it, resistance training is exactly what it sounds like  resistance training is the practice of using resistance or an opposing force when exercising. Incorporating weights, like a barbell for instance, is a form of resistance training, and it's most effective for increasing both the size of your muscles and their strength.

Whether you do it with dumbbells, with our new KO8 suspension equipment or by simply exercising underwater, discover how working out with at least a little bit of resistance could really improve your health and fitness…

Stronger muscles

Resistance training or weight training isn't all about the appearance of muscles, you know. Building up key muscles in the core, back, arms and legs will condition you better for simple, everyday tasks such as carrying, lifting, pulling and pushing.

Stronger muscles will also help improve your performance in sport and leisure activities too – your ball throw may go longer, your golf swing may be more powerful, and your tennis stroke may become faster.

Toned muscles

As mentioned above, resistance training, along with some aerobic exercise too, is great for toning muscles, making for a more conditioned body overall.

Better bone health

Resistance training helps to maintain peak bone density, which in turn lowers the risk of getting early onset osteoporosis. As bone density begins to decrease from the age of 30, it's hugely important to keep your muscles strong and healthy, even in your early twenties. Maintaining a healthy bone density will keep you fitter and stronger for longer.

To tie in with the launch of our new KO8 training equipment, we've created some simple and effective resistance training plans. You can find the latest KO8 equipment in all Fitness First clubs, ask a member of the team if you want some help to get started. Using a KO8 means you can effortlessly switch between suspension and resistance training using just one system. So, whatever type of workout you're usually into, give one of our three new resistance routines a go...