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Valentine's Day workout for you and your partner

April 06 2022 6 min read


Valentine’s Day is perfect for spending some quality time with that special someone.

If 2019 is your year to get fit and healthy, Valentine’s Day is no excuse to break your New Year’s resolutions! Why not try mixing up your Valentine’s plans by working out together?

Whether it’s motivation or a little healthy competition, it’s great to have a gym buddy - even more so when it’s your partner!

So, before you cosy up with the chocolates, get your blood pumping and stay fit and healthy together with our tailored couple’s workout.



If you’re looking for a workout that’s perfect to do with your partner, you’ve come to the right place. This short workout is easy to squeeze into your busy lives, consisting of the below 9 exercises:

  • Cupid’s arrow plank (alternating 20 in total)
  • Alternate forward lunge (20 in total, alternating L & R)
  • Teddy bear crawl (4 lengths)
  • Alternate reverse lunge (20 in total, alternating L & R)
  • Barbell rose (4 x 12 repetitions)
  • Alternate lateral lunge (20 in total, alternating L & R)
  • Romancing the prone press-up (4 x 12 repetitions)
  • Alternate curtsey lunge (20 in total, alternating L & R)
  • Turkish delight get up (8 each side)


Another great way to work out as a couple is to sign up to a class together. This way you can conceal your friendly competition in a group environment!