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Work up a sweat in just 15 minutes

April 06 2022 6 min read

No matter how motivated you are, it’s not always easy to get to the gym. Busy schedules can see staying fit slip down the ladder of priorities, and often at a time when you could really do with a boost of energy and a healthy dose of endorphins. But what to do?! The answer may be finding a short routine that can be seamlessly added to your daily routine. It needs to be something that becomes a habit.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a selection of workouts that only take 15 minutes to complete. Several can be done anywhere and most don’t need any equipment, so you’ve really no excuse not to get started and, more importantly, keep it up. Just remember to warm up and warm down before and after each routine.

If you want to create your own exercise routines however, visit the Fitness First Ultimate Exercise Guide and build a workout tailored exactly to you.

Quick-start morning workout
It’s easy to become a morning exerciser with this short routine. Just hop out of bed and away you go – exercise box ticked before your busy day gets underway.

What to do (complete the routine three times)

Stretching inchworm for one minute
Power push-ups for one minute
Sumo squat to side crunch (alternate sides) for one minute
Side lunge and bow (change legs each time) for one minute
Lying knee twist (alternate sides) for one minute

Full Body Burner
Here’s a good all-rounder that doesn’t require any equipment. There’s a version for beginners and also advanced, so you can build up your routine and push yourself as far as you want.

What to do

2 sets of 15 x jump squat
2 sets of 15 x spiderman push-up
2 sets of 15 x split alternating squat jumps
[Beginners rest for one minute]
2 sets of 15 x dynamic clap push-up
2 sets of 15 x bodyweight walking lunge
2 sets of 15 x mountain climbers / alternating knee-ins
[Advanced and beginners rest for one minute]
1 set of 15 x bodyweight squat
1 set of 15 x burpees / squat thrust

The Anytime Anywhere Workout
This workout shows just how flexible these 15-minute routines can be. All you need is a bit of floor space for this compact routine.

What to do (do the routine twice)

15 x leg curl
20 x seated oblique twist
15 x lateral lunge left
15 x lateral lunge right
20 x Superman press
Rest for one minute

Workout in the Park
Get a welcome breath of fresh air in the great outdoors and boost your endorphins with this quick-paced workout.

What to do (repeat the routine as many times as you can in 15 minutes)

10 x Jumping split squats (10 each side)
10 x Pilates chest lifts
10 x burpees
10 x tricep dips
10 x jump squats
10 x tricep push-ups

The Fat Blaster
The sad truth is that a lapse in your exercise regime can result in an increase in fatty deposits in places you don’t want them. This total body workout is designed to combat this and you can do it anywhere.

What to do (repeat routine three times)

Single jumps for one minute (skipping rope optional)
20 x squat jumps
Lateral dash for one minute
Run in place for one minute
8 x jabs left
8 x jabs right
8 x jumping jacks
5 x jabs and jacks series

De-stress Routine
This is the perfect antidote to a hectic day. Create a small oasis of calm by working gently through this de-stress routine that tones as you relax.

What to do (repeat routine twice)

Reverse plank to lower-back stretch
Elbow plank to prone press-up
Plié to full-seated bend
Front lunge to forward elbow fold
Side elbow plank to overhead reach (switch sides and repeat)
Do entire series for 6 minutes

Use the final 3 minutes sit comfortably, eyes closed and breathe deeply.

15 minutes not enough? Try our 30-minute Metafit class!