Feel the burn this summer

Burn 30 calories as fast as you can

FEATURED Challenge

How quickly can you burn 30 calories?

Feel the burn this summer.  You’re in control – choose any piece of cardio equipment and see how fast you can burn 30 calories.  It’s a great way to find out which equipment suits you best.  You’re not limited to one entry either, we’d like to see you make as many entries as you can, using different equipment every time!  What will be the best way for you to feel the burn?  The Ski Erg?  The Rower?  The Treadmill?  Let’s find out…

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Burn 30 calories as fast as you can

Use any piece of equipment!


How to get involved

Choose which piece of equipment you’d like to use.  Ensure you’ve set the display so you can see calories and time.  Give it your best shot.  Enter your time either below or through the FFX App.  Let us know how you get on and share a selfie! @fitness_uk_official #feeltheburn

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