Row and Burpee Challenge

Here’s your next challenge.  Set yourself a timer for 2 minutes.  Start the timer and Row 150 meters as quick as you can.  As soon as you’ve finished, jump off the Rower as quick as you can and then start the second element of the challenge.  This will be the bit you submit as your score.  Complete as many chest to floor burpees as you can in the remainder of your 2 minutes. 

Example: I row 150m in 0:45 seconds, I complete 14 burpees in the remainding 1:15, my score is 14.  The faster you complete your row, the more time you’ll have to complete more burpees.  However, if you go off too hard on the row, you might not perform as well as you could on the burpees.  Find that blend of power and endurance and submit your score – good luck!