Functional Training Area

Our dedicated functional Freestyle™ areas and fitness experts can help you discover new training techniques and exercises that offer a dynamic and efficient full-body workout. The one thing you won't see in this area is machines. These areas are designed to focus on the movement, not on the machine, and are 50% more effective than fixed form machines.


DMT uses the body’s natural movement patterns through three-dimensional exercises. Involve your whole body by challenging your cardiovascular, muscular and neural systems at the same time.

Movements can just use your body weight or be loaded for greater benefit. The more dynamically you move, the better you’ll feel and perform. Improve muscular control, use more energy for accelerated weight loss and build performance in life and sport. Dynamic movement training is important when maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Whatever you want from a workout, make DMT part of your training programme for faster and more effective results.

Gym Facilities

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What will you find in the freestyle area?

ViPR -  stands for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning, and is a weighted rubber tube used for loaded movement training. It increases body strength and improves balance and flexibility through a combination of strength and functional movement. Workouts are made up of a range of ViPR weights and intensities making it accessible for all fitness levels.

Suspension training -Work the whole body effectively using suspension straps and functional body weight exercises such as bending, jumping, pushing, pulling and squatting to build endurance and develop strength; work the core stability, upper and lower body via bodyweight resistance.

Kettlebells - A ball shaped weight with a single handle, designed for a total body workout combining power and strength to build stamina. Help strengthen your core and improve posture, while stripping body fat.

BOSU - stands for ‘Both Sides Utilised’ and is a simple, easy-to-use piece of equipment structured like an exercise ball cut in half with a platform on one side. While exercising with a BOSU ball, you constantly make slight adjustments to balance and counterbalance your body. This means that at all times, at least some part of your body is working to stabilise itself.

Powerbag - offers the ultimate in functional training combining all the strength benefits of resistance training, with the versatility of medicine balls and core stability in one innovative and highly effective training tool.

SteelBell/ Sandbell - an intense free weight. Filled with tiny balls of either steel shot,or sand it is dense and incredibly lively challenging your core and stabilizers with every move. Think of the SteelBell/ Sandbell as a medicine ball you can hold with one hand or a soft kettle bell with no handle needed. Choose the SteelBell/SandBell to improve performance and challenge muscles like never before.

Medicine Ball - Build and strengthen your core from every angle; increase abdominal power and strength, targeting the obliques with multi directional ball slams. Work with resistance to strengthen your abs and oblique’s with Russian twists. Be explosive with wood chop lifts -they work the abdominals and upper body hard.

Dumbbells - one of the most widely used weight-training equipment pieces. One dumbbell consists of two equal weights that are attached to a handle, The main reason why people use dumbbells is to build and tone muscles, and they can be used to develop muscles in most parts of the body. 

Plyoboxes - Plyometrics, also known as jump training is a training technique designed to increase muscular power and explosiveness. Originally developed for Olympic athletes, plyo box training improves vertical jump performance, muscle strength and muscle protection.

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