Aqua Zumba Class

A low impact option for the joints, enjoy classic Zumba moves, while surrounded in water to act as resistance.

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Good for

Cardio Low impact Co-ordination

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aqua Zumba?

Similar to Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Zumba features large muscle movements in a swimming pool — using the resistance of the water to work your arms, legs, hips and core. However, Aqua Zumba takes things a step further by introducing the lively and upbeat Latin music of Zumba for a more exciting workout.

What are the benefits of Aqua Zumba?

The natural buoyancy of the water makes difficult moves easier to perform and less strenuous on your joints — resulting in a lower risk of injury. However, you’ll still push yourself as the water adds resistance to help you work your muscles.

What can I expect from an Aqua Zumba class?

This high-energy class adopts the same principals from Zumba and adds the extra resistance of the water. Expect the same Latin-inspired music and dance moves for a fun and challenging water-based workout. 

How many calories can you burn in an Aqua Zumba class?

Precisely how many calories you’ll burn in an Aqua Zumba class depends on a number of factors, but you can typically expect to lose burn off roughly 500 to 700 calories an hour.

Do I need to have experience?

No. Aqua Zumba may be a great way to workout, but it’s also suited for any age range and ability level.

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