HIIT Class

A HIIT Class is a specialised form of interval training that involves short maximum intense exercises that is separated by longer low intensity exercises.

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Take a HIIT class at Fitness First

We offer a range of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes combining repeated sets of high intensity plyo reps followed by short rest periods. The HIIT fitness class is very physically demanding and pushes you to your limits and beyond. HiiT workouts are a great way to burn fat when you're short on time. Work your way up and down an interval pyramid for a workout that will have you sweating and feeling the burn or try one of our 30:30 or 40:20 HIIT sessions.

In some of our clubs we even offer this as a virtual class so check out your clubs timetable to find the latest HIIT workout class near you.

With our HIIT sessions you will improve heart and lung function, burn calories and vaporize body fat. 


Our HIIT classes can last between 15 and 60 minutes


Calorie Burn

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