Best excuses for not exercising

January 11 2016

If you really have to bail on a workout – at least be creative about it! We asked the Fitness First team for the most outrageous reasons they’ve ever heard for not exercising:

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‘The family hamster passed away.’

– Paul Chipp, PT, London, UK

‘I can’t make today’s session because I have to pick up my wife’s dry cleaning.’

– Andy McTaggart, Health and Fitness Manager, London, UK

‘I need to lose weight and get fit before I can go to the gym.’

– Frank Drew, Asia Head of Group Fitness, Kuala Lumpur

‘I can’t pick up weights because my embellished nail art would chip off.’

– Hannah Sim, Platinum PT and Nutritionist, Mumbai, India

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‘I can’t train because I’ve just eaten a whole cake by myself.’

– Emily Keel, Fitness Consultant, Hampshire, UK

‘A fortune teller advised me not to exercise this month.’

– Jacky Wong, National Fitness Manager, Hong Kong

‘My wife doesn't want me getting any hotter.’

– Adrika Shetty, Assistant Manager Marketing and Group Exercise Instructor, Delhi, India

‘I’m allergic to the gym!’

James Capon, Health and Fitness Manager, Basingstoke, UK

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And even the Fitness First team aren’t perfect. Here are some of the wildest excuses for not exercising they’ve told themselves:

‘I have to go home to get my peanut butter.’

– Max Eldridge, Fitness Consultant, London, UK

‘I don’t want to have to do more laundry this week.’

– Irwan Mursalim, Group Exercise Manager, Jakarta, Indonesia

‘I didn’t bring the right trainers to do squats in.’

– Amir Khan, Health and Fitness Manager, Birmingham, UK

‘Don't mess with perfection!’ (And yes, I’m still trying to convince myself this is true!)

– Percy Reynolds, Head of Fitness, Singapore

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‘I was running in my dreams all night so I’ll skip my running training today.’ 

– Sandeep Sachdev, Nutrition Counselling Manager, Mumbai, India

‘I don’t want to over-train.’

– Adam Lackey, Health and Fitness Manager, London, UK

‘I'm too old for this.’

– Christine Chiam, Fitness Training Manager, Kuala Lumpur

‘I joked I had food poisoning but then sadly the next day I actually did get food poisoning.’

– Andrew Martin, GX Manager, London, UK

‘It will make my hair go frizzy.’

– Lucy Andrews, SEM, Cannock, UK

‘I split my pants during the warm up.’

– Andrew Conolly, Group Fitness Instructor, Sydney, Australia

‘The final episode of Friends was on TV. That seemed like a good idea at the time.’

– Prue Lawson, Group Fitness Instructor, Sydney, Australia

What are the most outrageous reasons you’ve ever used for not exercising? Share you comments below!

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