DW Fitness partners with Workplace Challenge in 2017

January 17 2017

We recently published a blog post that was aimed at helping you stick to your New Year’s fitness resolutions beyond January.

Now we’re here to tell you a little bit about our own resolutions for 2017.

Getting active in your lunch break

Fitness First Clubs has partnered with the CSP Network’s Workplace Challenge – an initiative aimed at encouraging people to get active.

Many Britons feel they don’t have enough time to squeeze in their daily quota of exercise. The Workplace Challenge emphasises the point that every little counts. Even 10 minutes of physical activity each day is better than nothing.

We recently debated the best times to workout, and while conducting our research we found that only 15% of the population use their lunch break in order to get their recommended daily quota of exercise under their belts.

This is a missed opportunity…

As part of the ongoing eight-week challenge, we’re urging participants to get involved in the “Active Lunch” campaign.

Five reasons to get involved with #ActiveLunchChallenge
https://t.co/l7b56i8t1W pic.twitter.com/glgUy7Qnkk

— Workplace Challenge (@WorkplaceChall) January 10, 2017


We’re offering…

• In-gym ‘taster sessions’, available across all of our gyms nationwide
• Free lunchtime passes for a week (contact us for terms and conditions)
• Free open weekends (booked in advance)
• A start-up pack, which explains everything you need to kick-start a healthier lifestyle
• Expert tips and advice from qualified personal trainers (check out our Blog for all kinds of useful information from the experts)

The ultimate aim is for active workplaces to become the norm in the UK. You can get all of the latest information by following the twitter hashtag #ActiveLunchChallenge.

Mark Cumberbatch, Marketing Manager at Fitness First, commented: “We lead busy lives and a lot of people feel that they don’t have time to fit an exercise session into their daily routine. We want this campaign to demonstrate that even 10 minutes of activity each day is better than nothing.

“Much of it comes down to forming good habits. If you get used to short bursts of exercise, you’ll find it easier to ramp up your activity as time goes on. The key is to find something that you enjoy doing.”

As ever, you can claim a free guest pass for your local Fitness First Club at any time.

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