Festive Fitness roundup: Weeks one and two, how did you do?

October 14 2015

, where we invited bloggers to participate in a 12-week weight-loss mission before the Christmas party season begins. Every two weeks we will be completing a roundup, featuring the league table of all the bloggers’ results.

Switching to a healthier lifestyle and an effective exercise regime is as much about your mindset as it is about getting your body moving. So how did our Festive Fitness bloggers get on during their first two weeks?

Some say that the hardest part of getting fit is getting going in the first place. Yet our ladies kicked off the first two weeks of the challenge with a bang and all of the bloggers lost or maintained their current weight, great work ladies!

Woman in lilac top exercising in a class while holding a green dumbbellShowcasing the biggest weight loss first, here is our league table.

Name Weight loss
Rachel Melton 4.67%
Anjalee Burrows 3.11%
Helen Le Caplain 1.28%
Bel Smith 1.17%
Leanne Fraser 1.12%
Faye Chamberlain 1.02%
Beky Morris 0.74%
Rebecca Wallace 0.0 %
Claudia Wright 0.0 %
MsPrettyLThings 0.0 %


Well done to all of you who are taking part and don’t feel disheartened if you didn’t manage to lose any weight, as there are still 10 weeks of the challenge to go.

Tips and takeaways from the first two weeks

No, not those kind of takeaways!


  • Preparation - A lot of the bloggers taking part had mentioned that preparation was the key to their success, by having healthy meals pre-cooked they always had access to the right food and didn’t stray. Make larger batches of the meals you cook at night so that you have leftovers for the next day, or even cook five portions, freeze them and eat them throughout the week.
  • Healthy snacks - we all know how difficult it is when you’re hungry and your eyes lock on something unhealthy, so when temptation rears its ugly head, make sure that you have plenty of healthy snacks on hand. Some great snacks include fruit, a handful of nuts and carrot sticks.
  • Making time for exercise - It’s true that many people struggle to fit exercise into their busy schedules, but you will probably never have enough free time for exercise unless you deliberately set time aside for it. Create an exercise schedule and stick to it as rigorously as if it were a work or family commitment to stay on track.

with your local Fitness First Club today and start shifting those pounds before Christmas.

Remember to keep checking back to our blog for regular updates about the challenge, plus some useful information to help you to lose weight!

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