Festive Fitness: week seven and eight

November 25 2015

Has your local high street been transformed into a winter wonderland? Suddenly wooden chalets,  twinkly lights and the smell of mulled wine is unavoidable. No, you haven’t been transported to Bavaria, the UK's Christmas countdown is on!

, is the same weight as half of a Christmas turkey!

Let’s see how our Festive Fitness bloggers have got on in the past fortnight.

Name Weight Loss
Rachel Melton 11.35%
Bel Smith 7.12%
Anjalee Burrows 5.29%
Beky Morris 4.62%
Laura Haley 4.15%
MsPrettyLThings 3.75%
Leanne Fraser 2.86%
Rebecca Wallace 2.50%
Faye Chamberlain 1.02%
Helen Le Caplain 0.48%

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we need to congratulate Rachel Melton for holding on to her first place position in the league table for eight weeks! Rachel has clearly put in a huge amount of effort and dedication to this challenge and we hope she is pleased with her amazing progress. There are still another four weeks left to go, which gives the other ladies two opportunities to take Rachel’s place as the champion.

We’d like to also commend Bel Smith for doing so well in second position and Anjalee Burrows too; whatever you are doing is definitely working! While she’s not the number one on the table, we believe that Beky Morris deserves a special mention as she has climbed five places in just two weeks, we hope that her motivation will continue throughout the rest of the challenge!

Tips and takeaways

Attractive blond woman with smart phone, resting after gym workout

Try the 5:2 exercise trend

As invitations for festive activities have started flooding in and the weather has become truly terrible, it can be easy to give the gym a miss on an evening. Instead of dragging yourself there to attempt a workout on weeknights, why not dedicate more time to exercising at the weekend?


The 5:2 exercise trend certainly isn’t for everyone, but it is a good way to ensure that you fit in a great workout at a time that is more convenient for you.


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