Five alternative fitness classes you need to try

August 22 2016

Hula hooping, ‘Insanity’ interval training, early morning raves… Are you in the know with the latest fitness trends? It’s hard to keep up with all the new workouts, and that’s why we’ve put together our favourite five. This summer, it’s time to break out of your exercise rut and change it up with one of these cool and quirky classes.

Morning Gloryville

Calling all clubbers: Morning Gloryville is a pre-work workout that’s sure to get your body moving and the blood pumping. Calling itself ‘an immersive morning dance party’, Morning Gloryville has everything that you’ve come to expect from a night out dancing – except it’s at 6:30am and done 100% sober!

Hundreds of people turn up to the hour-long morning raves, which take place in locations all across the UK (and the world), to dance, party and go all-out before hitting the office. Some of the world’s biggest DJs (such as Fatboy Slim and Basement Jaxx) have spun tunes at classes. Once you’ve shaken off your yawns, you can enjoy a free massage and a superfood smoothie before you head off, full of energy, for a day at your desk.
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Team GB Pro Athlete Classes

Caught a bad case of Olympic fever? We’ve got just the workout for you. With workouts designed by top British athletes and coaches, the Team GB Pro Athlete Classes at Fitness First show you how to train like a real Olympian. The 40-minute classes focus on five key disciplines – speed, endurance, power, agility and strength to get you not only training like a pro, but thinking like one too.
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Hula Fit

So you haven’t hula hooped since your year five sports day, right? Well now’s your chance to relive your primary school days as well as tone up your abs. With classes taking place all over London, Hula Fit is an hour-long fitness class where participants aim to keep the hoop spinning around their hips for a selection of party songs. Not only is Hula Fit a fun way to burn up fat but also it’s also great for coordination and core strength. Sign us up, please!
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Forget everything you know about interval training – Fitness First’s Insanity classes will blow your mind. Instead of traditional moderate-intensity exercises, Insanity classes take it to the next level for maximum intensity (and maximum results). It’s not for the faint hearted – it involves going all out for 3-5 minutes then resting for 30 seconds before getting right back into it again. It’s hard, it’s sweaty but it’s worth it – one session a week is all it takes to notice a difference, trust us.

Twerk and Grind

For the best butt of your life, get your groove on at a fitness class dedicated solely to the art of twerking. It might not seem like ‘exercise’, but shaking what your mamma gave you is a fun and effective way to tone your legs, back, abs and glutes, all the while raising your heart rate and burning up some calories. Fitness benefits aside, after a few visits to Twerk and Grind (sessions take place at London Dance Academy) you’ll have a few new moves to pull out on the dance floor at the weekend too. Rihanna, eat your heart out!
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