How to train your brain to help you lose weight

September 02 2015

Diet and exercise are the key to weight loss, but before you even set foot in the gym you need to alter your mindset if you want to achieve your results.

According to our research, 21% of people stick to a diet for less than a week, while 42% of people claim that they fail due to a lack of willpower. These figures highlight the point that dieters all over the UK are struggling to overcome their cravings and maintain their motivation.

So what can we do to utilise our brain power and stick to our goals? Here are five ways that you can channel your brain into the mindset that you need in order to lose weight.

Decide what YOU want

There are multiple reasons why someone would choose to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle, but what is your personal driving factor? You’ll be more likely to sustain this change by focusing on a long-term goal rather than just wanting to lose weight for one upcoming event or occasion. Once you’ve decided on the core reason for losing weight, you should find it easier to stay on track.

Discover what really motivates you

How many of us train like a beast in the gym, only to indulge in guilty food when we return home?
In order to successfully lose weight we need to reward ourselves with something that won’t cause us to fall off the wagon.

Our research revealed that 42% of people find that buying new clothes is a great reward for weight loss, so the next time you feel unmotivated, treat yourself to some brand new gym gear? Even a new water bottle could provide you with a new lease of life. Almost a quarter of people in our survey felt that having a relaxing day off is the perfect way to reward yourself, so if you train for the majority of days in the week, say thank you to yourself by having a proper rest day at the weekend.

Monetise your goals

Nobody wants to lose money, but the majority of us are determined to lose weight. We discovered that money is a motivational factor for 18% of people, so why not utilise these two factors by challenging yourself to lose weight with DietBet?

This innovative new weight loss game allows you to bet money that you’ll lose a certain amount of weight in a set timeframe, if you stay true to your claim and lose the weight you’ll get your money back, plus a little more. If you don’t make it, then your money will be lost to other players in your game. What could be a better way to push yourself?

Sign up for our DietBet game here and join in with thousands of players who have reached their goal and made money along the way. You can read about the DietBet phenomenon in more detail here.

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Personalise your own plan

You wouldn’t jump into a work project without planning for it, so put the same organisational skills into taking care of your body.

15% of people revealed that time management was an obstacle to staying on their diet, but the amount of time and money needed to fuel your body can actually be reduced if you plan your meals properly, as our infographic shows.

Planning out your weekly meals, cooking in bulk and sticking to a meal plan will reduce cooking time and it will encourage you to stay on the wagon. Why go to the effort of cooking an unhealthy meal when you already have a nutritious one ready to eat in the fridge? Create a meal plan that is packed full of variety and foods that you love, and you’ll find it much easier to stay on the straight and narrow.

Get support

Going it alone can be great, but sometimes you need a little extra help along the way. Personal training sessions can help you to learn where you are going wrong, introducing you to new exercises and nutritional tips. Book your first free personal training session here.

Exercising with friend or in a group exercise class can also give you extra motivation by holding you accountable if you don’t turn up, plus you might even learn some new moves.

As you can see, getting your brain on the right track is the first step to achieving your goal. With the right mindset, nothing can stop you from losing weight!

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