Kickstart your September with the DW Fitness Challenge!

September 05 2016

Start your month the right way with the DW September Fitness Challenge!

It’s incredibly simple to follow; you’ll be able to keep up whether you’re a gym newbie who has joined for the very first time, a regular looking to add more structure to your workouts or you’re just looking for an exciting challenge! If your gym visits have gotten a bit stale recently, then this challenge is just the kick up the bum you need to get back in there for something new.

How does it work?

We’ve scheduled a workout for every day of the month, focusing on the legs and your lower body for one day, and then your core and upper body the next day. And don’t worry, there are also rest days scheduled in there too.

There are six different workouts in our challenge, and each one is repeated four times. So, for example, the first workout is to be completed on September 1st, 8th, 16th and 23rd. There are also different levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced - it’s entirely your choice depending on your level of fitness.

And if you want to do more or less, that is totally fine too!

Once you reach the end of September, each workout will have been completed four times. For best results, it is advised to increase the number of sets or repetitions you do. So, why not do two sets on September 1st, three on the 8th and four on the 16th? Whatever works best for you! This challenge is all about maximising results for you and your body.

Follow our top tips to help you keep going and smash that workout:

- Rest for 30 seconds between sets, and for 30 to 60 seconds in between exercises. But make sure you stay on the move to keep your heart rate up and those muscles warm while you wait.

- Choose whatever weights are right for you. This will often be different depending on the exercise you are doing and whether you're using dumbbells, barbells or a machine. Start with a weight that is comfortable but also challenging. Ask for advice from a personal trainer if you're not sure.

- Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout.

- Warm up before and cool down after! A warm up helps to build your heart rate and increase blood flow, whilst a cool down and stretch helps to prevent injury.

- Add bonus cardio to this challenge to get the most out of it.

- For extra benefits, maintain a healthy eating program away from the gym.

That’s it; the rest is up to you! Follow the challenge instructions shown in the pictures and you’ll be reaping the rewards at the end of the month in no time!

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